Situated in the Save Valley Conservancy, Sango (57,323-hectares / 141,648-acres / 600 km2) represents the largest privately-owned property in Zimbabwe; it is the rebirth of the purest fauna and flora in Africa after dozens of years of unprofitable cattle ranching. Sango comprises seven different habitats, and is an untouched wilderness teeming with wildlife, birds and insects. Sango Wildlife Conservancy will make a prestigious addition to your personal property asset portfolio with incredible lifestyle and conservation benefits, as well as potential for future development and expansion. Accessibility - Sango Airstrip: Grass, open for approach 1,200 m. Usable wheels down 900 m. King Air 350 or PC12 land easily. Possibility to install a 1,500 m tarred runway.   Nearest airport: Buffalo Range Airport, Masvingo Province: Boeing 737-700, Gulfstream V or Global Express lands there. Runway 1,500 m long. The airport is located 135 Km / 84 miles from the reserve.   Lodges: Sango has two upmarket guest facilities. Ingwe Lodge: Ingwe Lodge comprises 4 chalets, two luxury safari tents, three double rooms en-suite and a gym. A large “Lapa” entertainment area for up to 24 dinner guests with fully equipped kitchen, storage and cold storage. Staff quarters for 16 people, laundry, stables, generators and workshop. It is in close proximity to the registered “Sango” airfield. Tented Camp: The tented comprises 4 luxury tents with four poster beds and bathrooms en-suite, an entertainment “Lapa”, generators, kitchen and staff quarters.   Sango in Statistics: Land size 57,323-hectares / 141,648-acres / 600 km2 Comprises 7 different habitats. Over 200,000 counted mammals. Approx. 400 different bird species. Approximately 135 permanent workers feeding over 1,300 family members. 6 managers. 1 resident ecologist. Ecological advisers are the former CEO of Kruger National Park, scientists from the Wildlife College in Pretoria, South Africa.    Infrastructure: 41 km double and electrified fences in need of renewal once Government support and approval received 500 km roads and tracks 60 km of underground water pipelines 6 active boreholes. Pumping system also drawing from over 40 km of major rivers on the property. Carpentry which produced all wood work needed such as doors, windows, furniture and fittings for the entire estate. Tailor who can produce all uniforms as well as covers and upholstery for vehicles, lodges and housing. Engineering workshop for the maintenance of vehicles, pumps and machinery of all kinds. Fruit and Vegetable gardens. Butchery. Guest house for visiting scientists and animal capture units. Management housing units, up market.   Ecological Success Stories: RHINOS - 90 highly endangered rhinos are protected within the reserve, at an annual cost of some $ 500,000 largely funded through overseas NGO’s. PAINTED WILD DOGS - Sango holds the densest population in Africa of this highly endangered species. LIONS - from the humble beginnings of 11 translocated animals Sango has built the population up to some 95 lions today. ELEPHANTS - Sango orchestrated the largest Elephant translocation ever undertaken in Africa in 1995. Sango moved some 560 animals and have grown this herd to well over 2,500 today. Sango has been home to 650 - 950 elephants over the past four years. Another noteworthy  operation is that Sango donated 100 elephants to a National Park concession in the Lower Zambezi Valley. NYALAS - these possible most beautiful of all antelopes in Africa were raised from a modest herd of 5 to over 120 today. LEOPARDS - Sango developed a completely new and different procedures to monitor, oversee and protect this species. It assures us that we have about 95 leopards present at any given time. Sango has a proud sustainable hunting and conservation model that produces excess animals. These excess animals are used to re-populate poacher ravaged National Parks in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries 2013 and 2016 to Gonarezhou and Zambezi National Parks in Zimbabwe as well as Zinave National Park in Mozambique ~1,300 plains game animals. 2018: Sango presented 100 elephants to the RIFA concession in Zimbabwe National Parks 2020: Sango is planning to move >2,500 plains game animals as well as elephants, lions and wild dogs to two National Parks as a present from us to the President of Zimbabwe.   Sango hosts the SVC’s Special Species Protection Unit (SSPU) which is a paramilitary unit protecting the rhino population in particular and supporting wider anti-poaching in general.   POLITICAL RISK: Sango is immune from the normal risks associated with Zimbabwe. Ownership is held by a German holding company, which enjoys fullest protection under the German-Zimbabwean-Investment- Protection-Treaty. Many attempts of land-grab in the past were fought off by applying the treaty through the strong assistance of the relevant Ambassadors as well as the German Government. The new Government of Zimbabwe recognises Sango’s protection treaty status fully. The Agreement is called: Agreement between the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Federal Republic of Germany Concerning the Encouragement and Reciprocal Protection of Investments and is in force since 1995.   Species list and average population sizes. Resident on Sango (owned by Sango unless stated otherwise): Elephants 650 - 950. Lion 80 - 95. Leopards ~ 95. Hyena 30 - 50. Cheetah ~ 10 (recovering population). Wild Dogs 40 - 60. Buffalo 1,000 - 1,200. Rhino 85 - 95 (owned by the Zimbabwean State, Sango being the custodian). Eland 450 - 850. Giraffe 500 - 650. Impala 6,000 - 8,500. Wildebeest 560 - 2,200. Zebra 600 - 1,300. Nyala 80 - 120. Kudu 200 - 600. Waterbuck 100 - 300. Sable 30 - 120. Warthog 170 - 800. Bird Species: Sango hosts about 400 different bird species across the year. This includes 36 raptors such as Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Buzzards.

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