The Wyoming Winter-Calving Operation is business opportunity backed by a property developed for livestock wintering services which provides the feed base and facilities to winter and calve out 3,000 cows from November through April. The farm located in Central Wyoming is located 8 miles West of Riverton, Wyoming just off Highway 20/26. The area is well known as a feed production area in Wyoming due to plentiful water supplies, productive lands and mild, open winters. Situated on just over 1,000 acres, the operation involves growing 10,000 Tons of corn silage and 2000 tons of alfalfa hay complete with feeding and calving facilities consisting of living quarters, shops, barns, corrals, lots and feeding paddocks. The operation is a value-added business providing feed and service to livestock producers. The improvements are mostly newer and well designed for the business. The land is well fenced and capable of handling livestock with facilities in place for handling, feeding, watering and calving large groups of cattle. Adjoining lands offer further investment in a solar development program. During the growing season the Wyoming Winter-Calving Operation produces 10,000 Tons of Corn Silage and 2,000 Tons of Alfalfa Hay which in the winter is fed to 3000 cows that can also be calved and prepped for spring delivery to surrounding grass ranches. The operations are very efficient handling cow groups of 500 700 head, with one operator feeding the entire herd and depending on time of season, one to three herdsmen caring for and calving the entire herd. A large mixer feedtruck and loader is used to feed the cows in bunks in large paddocks with 500+ head cow groups. The alleys, lots and calving facilities are strategically designed to efficiently handle the livestock. An excellent water system with a deep well ( 1050), pumping 68 gpm, feeds frost free drinkers in both feeding paddocks and feedlot pens. The livestock counts consist of 2000 head of customer cattle from different area operators and 1000 head of leased cattle. The farm is substantially developed and improved to accommodate labor, machinery and livestock with homes, several shops, other outbuildings and a feedlot and corrals generally as follows: Trailer house - 2 Shop - 50' x 100' metal shop with concrete floor Machine Shed 100' x 100' new metal shop with 14 main door and 2 other overhead doors Quonset Processing/Calving Facility 48' x 96', indoor processing with hydraulic squeeze and adjustable alley way, 18 calving jugs, vet room, bathroom Secondary calving barn with 10 jugs, alleyway and turnout pens On farm feedlot concrete feed bunks, automatic waters, 8 pens (200 x 200), 4 pens (200 x 240), frost free automatic waters Silage Pit 80 x 360 Grain Storage The property has newer field and boundary fencing as well as underground utilities and backup systems. A full line of equipment is available separately.

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Acreage: 1000.00
Price: $4,500,000   Acreage
MLS/Other ID: 74872
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