Welcome to this stunning 35-acre parcel of land located in the picturesque town of Wellington, Colorado. Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of Wellington, this land offers a perfect blend of privacy, natural beauty, and potential. The sizable acreage presents a multitude of opportunities, whether you're looking to build your dream home, embark on an agricultural endeavor, or simply indulge in the serenity of vast open spaces. Land Approximately 6 acres of the land are adorned with a variety of trees, including Austrian, Blue Spruce, White Pine, and Pinion Pine. These majestic trees create a serene and private ambiance, offering shade and natural beauty. Moreover, the trees have been thoughtfully cared for with a water tap from the Northern Colorado Water Association, ensuring their health and vibrancy. Improvements Presenting an exceptional 40×60 shop built in 2000, this sturdy structure features a metal frame, wood trusses, and a reliable metal roof, ensuring durability and longevity. With a total area of 2400 square feet, this shop offers ample space for a variety of uses. Approximately 600 square feet of the interior is dedicated to a concrete slab, divided into three separate rooms. These rooms include a small toilet with a sink, an office with a shop sink, and an additional versatile room suitable for use as a bedroom or office space. The remaining 1400 square feet of the shop features a roadbase/gravel floor, providing excellent storage and equipment washing capabilities. This generous open area allows for convenient organization and easy access to your equipment and machinery. The shop is equipped with essential amenities to facilitate comfort and functionality. It features a small hot water heater for your convenience, a breaker panel to accommodate electrical needs, and baseboard electric heat to ensure a comfortable environment during colder months. Water supply for the shop and tree irrigation is sourced from the Northern Colorado Water Association, which taps into the water main conveniently located in the right-of-way on the property’s side of CR 7. This reliable connection ensures a consistent water supply for all your needs. Furthermore, a county-certified and recorded septic system is situated directly south of the building, providing efficient wastewater management. With its well-maintained infrastructure, strategic location, and thoughtfully designed spaces, this property presents an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a functional and versatile workspace. Water/Mineral Rights & Natural Resources This exceptional property includes 1 full share of the North Poudre Irrigation Company offering valuable water rights for irrigation purposes. The main irrigation head-gate, serving this property as well as neighboring farms, is conveniently situated on the northwest corner of the property. A well-maintained irrigation system spans across the property, featuring 1300 feet of concrete irrigation ditch that extends eastward from the head-gate, directing water towards I-25. Additionally, there is a 1330-foot concrete irrigation ditch that heads south along CR 7, ensuring comprehensive water distribution throughout the land. To facilitate efficient irrigation, aluminum siphon tubes and ditch tarps are readily available. These tools contribute to easy and controlled water flow, allowing for effective irrigation management. The property’s irrigation system has been meticulously maintained and optimized over time, ensuring that every square foot of the land receives adequate water, maximizing productivity and promoting healthy vegetation. (Additional water is available for rent.) Region & Climate Wellington experiences a semi-arid climate with four distinct seasons. The town is located on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, which influences its climate patterns. Summers in Wellington are generally warm with average high temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (29-34 degrees Celsius). Winters are cold, with average highs in the mid-30s to low 40s Fahrenheit (1-5 degrees Celsius). It is worth noting that temperatures can drop below freezing at night during the winter months. Wellington receives relatively low precipitation throughout the year. Annual rainfall is around 14 inches (356 mm) on average, with most of it occurring during the spring and summer months. The area also experiences occasional snowfall during the winter, but the total snow accumulation is generally moderate. Location Wellington is a small town located in Larimer County, Colorado. It is situated about 10 miles north of Fort Collins and approximately 65 miles north of Denver. Wellington offers a rural and suburban atmosphere, and it has experienced growth in recent years while maintaining its small-town charm. The town provides a range of amenities such as schools, parks, local businesses, and recreational opportunities.

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Acreage: 35
Price: $995,000  
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