Nestled in between West Ramshorn Street and the Wind River lies the Trails End Motel and Gun Shop in the heart of Dubois, Wyoming where many in the world seem to come to relax, play and enjoy life! The motel enjoys a clientele of long term repeat customers who come to stay year in and year out to enjoy the beauty of the valley that sits between the Wind River and the Absoroka mountain ranges in very close proximity to the Shoshone National Forest, and less than an hours drive from the South enterance to Grand teton and Yellowstone national parks!The owners open the motel seasonally, which leaves them plenty of time to take care of normal maintenance and allows for updates and upgrades to the property to keep it clean fresh and pristine, plus plenty of time to enjoy personal hobbies, and rejuvenate between seasons!To add to the atractive nature of the motel business, is the Gun shop with its retail space to enjoy meeting and greeting repeat clients who come each year to hunt big game such as Elk, Deer, Moose and Antelope, and have the ability to help supply them with ammunition and gear for the trip. Make no mistake, the gun business is in no way a completely "seasonal" part of the business either! With a thriving local population, and a healthy online presence and plenty of specialty focus on unique firearms and calibers, the sellers have created a very lucrative second business on the property as well.The best way to experience this property and its business opportunities is to call and arrange a personal showing today!

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Acreage: 0.65
Price: $3,350,000  
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