Boundless rolling plains, gentle sloping hills, reservoirs and springs, cattle roaming, and golden waves of wheat seem to steal the lyrics right out of ''Home on the Range'' when describing this vast plot of fertile acreage. Located in eastern Montana, this perpetual property provides all the driving forces of life in Montana—water, land, and grazing. With over 3,500 acres, there are ample soils to sustain crops such as winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, lentils, and hay or alfalfa and lush grazing grass land for your livestock. In addition to nine 1000-gallon stock tanks, there are four reservoirs, six wells, two springs that make water supply abundant and readily available. Mother nature also supplies about twelve to fourteen inches of precipitation per year.

A picturesque windmill looms near the corals authenticating the Montana ranch experience all while being encompassed by eccentric and unique rock formations along the steep ridges of the coulees illustrating the rich history of the land. It is an exquisite sight to behold while herding cattle or trekking along in a tractor seeding your crop. A home is established on the plot with a new roof and is awaiting to be customized with your finishing touches and updates. This is a rare chance to have a country chic cottage as your place of residence away from the commotion of city life. Opportunities with this property are as ample as the copious amounts of sparkling waters of the many reservoirs. The ranch provides the perfect habitat for a wide array of wildlife including Mule and White-tailed deer, antelope, turkeys, prairie chickens, geese, ducks, coyotes, foxes, and hares thus making hunting an excellent choice of sport. Fishing, camping, hiking, adventuring, and bow hunting describe suggestions of the many recreational activities available. The resounding plains and spectacular slopes are guaranteed to take your breath away when you explore this unbelievably lucrative chance at the always vital and necessary farm and ranching industry.

Nestled in Dawson County, this area is considered the rich inland agricultural area of eastern Montana and western North Dakota with the Yellowstone River providing a seasonal source of water for irrigation, livestock, domestic needs and recreation. Agriculture is the primary driver stimulating Dawson County economy. Out of 56 counties in 2012, Dawson ranked 7th for spring wheat production and 13th for winter wheat. Main crops produced in this area include winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, lentils, and hay. As a result of the peripheral areas in this vicinity being rugged, they are primarily managed for grazing and raising livestock. The rolling hills and benches throughout the county are then developed for dry land farming thus generating 88% of the county as agricultural land. Wind is a factor in the region creating a possible potential for wind development.

The avid outdoorsman will enjoy the unlimited recreational opportunities in this eastern Montana area. This particular property is located in hunting district 700, and wildlife in this area include Mule deer, White-tailed deer, antelope, ducks, geese, songbirds; eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, turkeys, prairie chickens, pheasants, coyotes, fox, badgers, raccoons, hares, and mountain lions. The lakes, rivers, and streams, more specifically the Yellowstone River, provide sought-after game fish such as Brown, Bull, Cutthroat, Golden, And Brown Trout. Anglers can also pursue Sauger, Sturgeon, Walleye, and Largemouth Bass. Perhaps you aspire for a bit of a challenge and want to try your hand at catching the ever-popular but rare Paddlefish that move up the Yellowstone River from North Dakota's Lake Sakakawea. The Paddlefish represents an ancient lineage of fish that most closely relate to Sturgeons. Take advantage of this lively season annually May 15 through June 30!

Tucked in between the famous Badlands of the Dakotas and the mighty Yellowstone River is the town of Glendive. Glendive is county seat of Dawson County and conveniently provides amenities such as the Dawson Community Airport and Dawson Community College. Established by the Northern Pacific Railway, it was incorporated on October 7, 1902 and considered the hub city of the area. In addition to the railway, Glendive quickly became established as farming and ranching brought people to the fertile area. Ag is the primary driver of the economy of Dawson County, but the discovery of the abundant supply of oil also contributes to the growth of the area. The oil industry is projected to be around for at least another 20 years.

Makoshika State Park
Trace the steps of a real dinosaur trail at Montana's largest state park, Makoshika State Park! This park features one of the most impressive badland formations in America and holds the fossil remains of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and other awesome dinosaurs. Enjoy activities such as bird watching, archaeology, hiking, picnicking, camping, wildlife viewing, and education on the area's history and heritage.

Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum
Experience the grandiosity of dinosaurs by viewing 24 full-size fossilized dinosaurs and other singular fossils. There is a gift shop, a theatre, and opportunities to go on your very own dig!

Historic Bell Bridge
Stroll or bike over the Historic Bell Street Bridge that withstands the mighty Yellowstone River. See the same breathtaking sights as they once did when Dawson County was founded and delight in the same walk across the 1,300 feet. The bridge has been without traffic since 1992, however its significance is still vital as people continue to use it to connect the residential western Glendive to the city portion of Glendive on opposite sides of the Yellowstone River.

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AcreageAgriculture BusinessCattle RanchFarmHome with AcreageHunting LandRanchRecreational Land

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FlatGently RollingHilly

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