The Potts Family Ranch has been in the same family for 70 years! This property is on the market for the first time since then. This ranch has historically been used as a cattle ranch, and has never been outfitted. The only person allowed to hunt the ranch, has been the ranch manager. This property is one of the last large acreage ranches left in Huerfano County. The ranch is located just north of the Huerfano River in the Cedar and Pinon breaks. Between the BLM, Greenhorn Wilderness and the Huerfano River. There are only 2 property owners between Greenhorn Mountain, and the Huerfano River Valley. Being located between the bedding area and feeding area is right where you want to be! The elk, deer, and Antelope often bed on this property as they graze their way down to the irrigated hay meadows just south of the property in the Huerfano River Valley. The ranch is well watered by several water tanks fed by a well, and spring fed drainages along with several run-off gully's that run north to south on the property. The Cedar and Pinon bluffs and canyons are like a sanctuary for the elk and deer. In the winter and later in the fall, elk & deer pile up on the ranch and spend their winters on the property. There are many thousands of acres of BLM and Forest Service Land just north of the property that are virtually inaccessible to the public. There is virtually no public access into the BLM which butts up to the neighbors property. The neighbors property will be available for a hunting lease on a trade if a future buyer will allow a cattle grazing lease that is currently being held by the family, on the Potts Family Ranch. So essentially if you allow the Potts Family to continue grazing this property as they have for generations, you will be allowed to also hunt the neighboring ranch. The neighboring ranch is roughly the same size and it backs up to BLM which also backs up to National Forest and eventually Wilderness. This will also keep property taxes down, as the property could continue to be used Agriculturally. Game Management Unit 84 is a trophy hunting unit in Colorado. It is managed to produce Big Bull Elk and Mule Deer Bucks! The ranch manager has found a dead Bull Elk scoring out in the 380" range on the ranch, and harvested some nice bulls and bucks as well! This unit is well known by locals for producing some very Big Bulls and Bucks! Not to mention some very nice Pronghorn Antelope Bucks. Bears, coyotes, and bobcats are numerous on the ranch for the predator hunting enthusiast! Private land only bear tags can be bought annually over the counter. As a Land Owner you will qualify for no less than 3 Land Owner Applications for each species of Game in this unit for this 2248 acre ranch. As long as a future owner applies by December 1st of 2017 you will be able to draw private land tags next April as a Land Owner. Your Best Odds Of Drawing Private Land Elk And Mule Deer Tag's Are As Follows: Hunt Code DM069P3R Mule Deer Buck Restricted: Drawn out at 100% with 0 preference points as a first choice Applicant. Hunt Code DM069P2R Mule Deer Buck Unrestricted: Drawn out at 100% with 0 preference points as a first choice Applicant. Hunt Code EM06904R Bull Elk Restricted: Drawn out at 13% with 0 preference points as a first choice applicant. Hunt Code EM06901R Bull Elk Restricted: Drawn out at 38% with 1 preference points as a first choice applicant. Hunt Code EF069P5R List B Cow Elk License Restricted: Drawn out at 100% with 0 preference points as a first choice applicant. Hunt Code EE06901A Either Sex Archery Elk Restricted: Drawn out at 24% with 0 preference points as a first choice applicant. So if one puts their application's in the draw correctly you could draw up to 3 tags per species (with 3 applications for Mule Deer, and Elk each) every year. Not to mention 3 applications for Pronghorn Antelope that are numerous on the ranch as well! This includes being able to draw for Cow Elk List B Licenses that can be had in addition to a Bull Elk License by any licensed hunter. These odds were taken directly off the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website using the 2017 Draw Recap Reports. The ranch is beautiful and the scenery is stunning. It's great cattle country and the cedar breaks provide good cover for your cattle in the winter months. Being in the shadow of, and next to the Wet Mountains makes this ranch a Game factory and the ranch will always produce animals because of it's proximity to the mountains. Call for a qualified showing today! CO-Brokers Welcome!

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Property Status: SOLD
Acreage: 2248.91
Price: $1,573,600  
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