Welcome to the Ponderosa Ranch, standing as a testament to a rich heritage, with a sprawling expanse of 1455 continuous acres. Embraced by the same family for over 30 years, this exceptional property combines farmland, pasture, and unparalleled recreational opportunities with great income. Land Ponderosa Ranch is an expansive 1455-acre haven located on the picturesque state line of Kansas and Oklahoma. This multi-faceted property seamlessly blends productive farmland,  cattle ranching, and  great habitat for wildlife, making it a true gem for investors, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Positioned along the state line of Kansas and Oklahoma, Ponderosa Ranch offers unparalleled access and visibility, with Highway 179 frontage enhancing its strategic location. This prime position provides convenience and connectivity from all sides. Boasting a diverse landscape, the ranch combines productive farmland with income-generating opportunities and cattle ranching operations. This integration creates a balanced ecosystem, promoting sustainable practices and economic prosperity. The Ponderosa Ranch offers the  benefits of multiple income streams, including productive farmland cash rents and revenue from cattle ranching lease. This diversified approach ensures financial stability and long-term success for discerning investors. Ponderosa Ranch is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a rich habitat for trophy whitetail deer, upland game, and migrating waterfowl. The central protection of the main body of recreation and hunting acreage ensures a sanctuary for diverse wildlife populations. The ranch isn’t just about work; it’s a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the thrill of hunting amidst diverse terrain or explore the beauty of the landscape. of rolling hills, canyons and bottom land.  Surrounded by farmland, the ranch is a sanctuary of tranquility within an agricultural landscape. This unique setting enhances the seclusion and allure of the central recreation and hunting areas. The ranch’s habitat supports the growth of trophy whitetail deer, providing a unique and sought-after hunting experience. This area of Kansas is well known for the top quality of whitetail deer and other native game species Kansas is so well known for. This ranch does offer the advantages of migrating waterfowl, adding an extra layer of hunting opportunities to the ranch’s diverse ecosystem. Ponderosa Ranch invites you to explore the possibilities of a property that balances agriculture, ranching, and outdoor recreation with income.    Recreation The recreational acres strategically lie in the middle of the ranch as the tillable farm land borders majority of the ranch perimeter. This creates a perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility for deer and other wildlife that can easily leave their bedding areas and travel to the bordering crop fields for food sources.  Numerous areas can be created for food plots and feeder stations inside these areas for the perfect hunting setup. The north 1/3rd of the ranch is low-level habitat cover with a mixture of pockets of woods that create an ideal environment for a variety of wildlife from Whitetail deer to upland birds.  The southern half of the ranch features a combination of larger timbered areas and travel corridors incased by the surrounding farm acres providing a  backdrop and an additional layer of diversity to the landscape. This property will serve the bow hunting enthusiast with many advantages of  travel corridors for stand placements along with many opportunities for the long range gun hunter. Agriculture Nestled across more than 700 acres of productive farm land, this property stands as a haven for agricultural enthusiasts and  investors alike. The majority of the farmable acres is comprised Class 2-3 soils, creating an ideal canvas for cultivating a diverse range of crops, currently featuring a flourishing crop of winter wheat. Key Features: Class 2-3 Soils: The backbone of this agricultural haven, Class 2-3 soils form the foundation for robust and productive farming. This fertile ground is well-suited for various crops, ensuring the potential for bountiful yields and sustainable agricultural practices. Versatile Cultivation: With over 700 acres at your disposal, the property offers a versatile canvas for cultivating a variety of crops beyond the current winter wheat. Whether you envision corn, soybeans, or other cash crops, the fertile landscape accommodates a spectrum of agricultural possibilities. Cash Rent Lease: Enjoy the benefits of a reliable cash rent lease, providing a steady and predictable income stream. This leasing arrangement underscores the property’s financial stability, offering peace of mind to investors seeking a prudent and secure investment. Financial Security: The property’s operational model, anchored by the cash rent lease, provides financial security to investors, making it an attractive opportunity for those seeking both agricultural investments. Access: The farm has highly accessible with 1.5 miles of paved frontage on Highway 179,  Frontage on SW90RD is 1.5 miles,  Frontage on SE10 AVE is 1.6 miles and .8 mile of frontage on SE 106RD.

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Acreage: 1455
Price: $3,637,500  
MLS/Other ID: 1072
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