Description Location: Poage Hill Ranch is located in Throckmorton County, 10 miles south of Throckmorton, Texas just before FM 2584 on Hwy 283 South. It is approximately 3 hours from Dallas and 2 1/2 hours from Fort Worth. Directions: From downtown Throckmorton travel south on Hwy 283 towards Albany, Texas. Poage Hill Ranch is on the left and right hand sides of Hwy 283 just before FM 2584. The southeast and southwest corners of the properties, respectfully, are located at the intersection of Hwy 283 & FM 2584. If you turn right onto FM 2584, you can drive along the southern border of Poage Hill Ranch West. Terrain: Poage Hill Ranch is divided into two equal 320 acres parcels. The Eastern and Western sides are very similar in their features. Both are rolling mesquite country with moderate to heavy wildlife habitat. Older large mesquite trees, with some scattered Post Oaks cover about half of the ranch with cultivated fields full of winter wheat covering the remaining half. There are several drainages and ridgelines throughout the ranch providing some excellent water features and possible areas for larger lake sights if desired. Habitat: The cultivated fields are worked annually and put into winter wheat for cattle grazing and the spring harvest. The winter wheat fields make excellent Deer food plot as well. The tree cover consists of mesquite, light Post oak, bumelia, and hackberry. Woody browse include plants such as lote bush, catclaw, and skunk bush. Portions of the fields can be put into native sunflowers for dove hunting in fall if desired. Wildlife: Whitetail deer, Ducks, Quail, Turkey, Feral hogs, Dove, and predators such as Bobcats and Coyotes are common. Hunting is excellent and populations very good. Water: Six (6) stock tanks provide livestock and wildlife with water. One of the tanks on the western side is approximately 5 acres in size, and one on the eastern side is approximately 2 acres. Dove and Duck hunting is excellent in the fall and winter months. Fences: Condition of fences on both parcels ranges from good to excellent. Cattle leasee has kept the fences in good working condition. Utilities: Electricity is through Ft Belknap and Rutral Water is provided by Shackleford S.U.D. Contact: Jack Fauntleroy, Agent, Area Specialist Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC (Broker) 940-550-4432 mobile

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Property Status: SOLD
Acreage: 320
Price: $478,400  
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