Old Adobe ranch is a hidden Oasis running alongside the Tularosa River. It is home to the highly desirable Trutta Fluviatilis otherwise known as the brown trout. Old Adobe ranch takes in 10.5 acres of Tularosa River, world class elk hunting, fishing, plus unique rock formations present on the land make it a spectacular holding as a recreational property combined with New Mexico's natural beauty. Land Old Adobe Ranch sports a +/- 2.5 irrigated field known for its heavy wildlife presence. +/- 77 acres of Rolling Pinon Juniper covered hills with an ideal road system carved out for a future subdivision that was subsequently sidelined in the early 1970s. The Bent Dome, is part of a major Paleozoic uplift is almost entirely located on the ranch, resulting in a very unique rock formations.   Recreation Hidden amongst the cottonwoods you will find 10.5 acres of riparian habitat. Within a half mile away Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, world famous for the outstanding elk hunting.  Tularosa Creek is the closest water source for all big game wildlife.  Old Adobe Ranch is contained in game UNIT 34 this is the state’s southernmost premium elk unit. With over-the-counter private land tags for Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, black bear, Merriam turkey and mountain lions.  Not too many investment properties come with a recreational “WOW” factor like the Old Adobe Ranch. From the Go Hunt website: the area’s reputation is for producing mature bulls. The elk density, the number of elk per square mile, is among the highest in the state. Some of the biggest bulls are taken during the first archery season when some big bulls are still looking for cows and fighting off challenging bulls. In dry weather, water hole hunting can be productive. The rut is well underway when the second archery season begins. Bugling activity increases as the season progresses. The state sells tags that are valid only on private land and issues a limited number of unit-wide tags in the annual computer lottery. Spot and stalk hunting or stand hunting over water can be effective. Guided hunters and experienced local hunters typically hold out for mature bulls that have at least six points on each antler with good tine length and mass. Water/Mineral Rights & Natural Resources  With +/-  2.5 acres of water rights that carries 2100 gallons per minute will not  only be a wise investment, but it will transform your property into an oasis.  Developed for irrigating is a 15,500 sq ft. ponds dug approximately 18 feet deep with a commercial liner that will hold approximately 1,000,000 gallons of water to irrigate your fields. Irrigation system is set up for easy operations. Location Old Adobe Ranch host some incredible views of the Sacramento mountains to the south.  Close to Ruidoso which is 21 miles to the west, or 12 miles east to Tularosa is where you will find all your supplies and amenities. One hour and 45 minute drive to Roswell air center, or  3 hours 20 minute drive from Albuquerque International Airport.

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Acreage: 87.5
Price: $1,452,000  
MLS/Other ID: 1228
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