Hunting & Recreational Land with Timber For Sale in Morris County, TX Your search for an agriculture investment ends here at the Boggy Creek Ranch. Your family's new Texas ranch property for sale is located just 2 hours from Dallas Texas, and 3 miles south of Omaha Texas, in Morris County. Surrounded by paved state and county roads for easy access in all weather conditions, your Texas ranch for sale is ready for you and your friends. The sellers of the Boggy Creek Ranch have maintained the interior roads for your ranching activities and recreational pursuits with well-groomed and graded surfaces, lending to navigation of your new Texas Ranch to large vehicles, trailers and ranching/timber equipment. Texas Timberland For Sale by United Country Real Estate Where do I find Timber land for sale? Does Texas have Timber land for sale? The answer is yes to both buying timberland questions you have. The Boggy Creek Ranch for sale in Texas is your answer. Your new Texas Timberland ranch offers you several components of exceptional and well managed investment grade timber stands. The finest of agriculture investments is here on your Texas ranch for sale. You and your family will own large areas of various mature, bottomland hardwood species plus scattered secondary hardwood areas delivering a new ranch owner heavy mast production during most seasons is quite common. Boggy Creek Ranch offers you interspersed Texas native pine/hardwood stands transitioning into upland areas of well-developed planted pine stands of staggered ages stratified for periodic thinnings. Eventually leading to total harvest and sales, which will provide significant income for you as the new owner, over the next decade or longer with a well managed timber plan using anyone of the timber specialists through United Country Real Estate and their strategic partnership with brands like Potlatch. A Texas United Country Realtree Hunting Property For Sale Realtree and United Country Double Creek land and homes is presenting to you one of the finest Texas hunting properties for sale. As the new owners of the Boggy Creek Ranch you, your family and friends will enjoy the hunting activities this Texas ranch for sale offers. Realtree and United Country have come together to provide some of the most valuable and productive hunting properties for sale in Texas. Whitetail Deer Hunting Land For Sale in Omaha, TX White-tailed deer are found all over your new ranch. There are an estimated four million white-tailed deer living in Texas. They are often solitary animals but can be found in herds ranging in various sizes. Your ranches White-tails can be found in the wooded and brushy areas of the Boggy Creek Ranch. Your deer herd does not migrate, remaining in an area around one square kilometer in size. (about 7 square city blocks) year round. So given your new Texas ranch for sale size and the abundant planted food plots, I would think that 100's of them call the property home for your Whitetail deer hunting pleasure. Texas Hog Hunting on Your Realtree Hunting Land For Sale Where is the best hog hunting in Texas ? The Boggy Creek Ranch of course is your property answer for hunting Texas wild hogs. Texas hog hunting can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating outdoor activities you can imagine. Your new Texas ranch offers this activity everyday, all day. The water resources and feed necessary to sustain a manageable number of Texas hogs is in your ranches timber land and brush. Not only for your personal enjoyment as the new owner but also as another revenue stream on this Texas hunting land for sale. Duck Hunting Property For Sale in Texas on Boggy Creek Ranch Your private duck hunting property is a luxury not afforded to many. Not only is your new duck hunting property well positioned, it is well used by many species of ducks as it is in the Mississippi Flyway This ensures a property that will deliver duck hunting opportunities to you as the new owner for generations. ( DU ) has been a strategic partner of United Country Real Estate for many years, optimizing the assets of both organizations to promote duck habitat and hunting of ducks for its members. The Boggy Creek Ranch offers the new owner many facets of agriculture property revenue streams. Timber sales, hunting leases or outfitting. The new owner can build a hunting lodge offering guided and unguided hunting trips to friends, family and business associates should they choose. Or simply keep this Texas ranch for sale all to yourself as a private hunting retreat while cashing timber checks. Morris County Texas Ranch For Sale Morris County is a county located near the eastern border of the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2010 census, its population was 12,934. Its county seat is Daingerfield. Morris County is probably named for William Wright Morris, an early judge and planter from Henderson, also in northeast Texas. As of 2016, Morris County is no longer one of 25 prohibition, or entirely dry, counties in the state of Texas. Morris County is now "partially wet. "With it's close borders to neighboring states and highway access to this county and property come from many directions, coming and going to and from your new Texas Timberland and ranch is quite easy. For more properties like this, go to United Country Real Estate! Listing ID: 42252-19065

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Acreage: 1800.00
Price: $5,300,000  
MLS/Other ID: 2626
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