In the majestic landscapes of Campbell County Wyoming, where rugged terrain and phenomenal water infrastructure converge, the Mankin Hunting Camp offers an extraordinary opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts and ranch connoisseurs alike. Spanning approximately 5,784+/- acres, the ranch comprises 2,494+/- deeded acres and an additional 3,290+/- leased acres. Land Characterized by rugged draws and rolling hills, the ranch boasts a landscape perfectly suited for wildlife and livestock. The rugged terrain and expansive vistas provide an ideal environment for mule deer and antelope, ensuring thrilling pursuits amidst breathtaking scenery. Additionally, the ranch’s proximity to the Big Horn Mountains occasionally brings elk passing through. Alongside its natural allure, the camp is equipped with practical amenities for outfitting and ranching operations. A hallmark of the ranch is its abundance of water resources, including three pristine reservoirs and five water wells in operation. 18 stock tanks provide abundant water sources throughout the property, catering to the diverse needs of both livestock and wildlife. The two reservoirs near headquarters are thoughtfully stocked with Browns and Tiger Trout. As you traverse the ranch, the panoramic views of the Big Horn Mountains and the rugged terrain underscore the untamed beauty of Wyoming. Mankin Hunting Camp is not merely land; it is a canvas that tells a story and shows a commitment to preserving the essence of the wild. Improvements The property features a well-designed 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom cabin offering comfortable accommodations, blending rustic charm with modern convenience. With an open floor plan and functional layout, the cabin provides the perfect retreat. At headquarters you’ll find recreational amenities such as a shooting range, game hanging pole, and within walking distance one of the stocked reservoirs. An additional home awaits your creative vision and personal touch, offering the opportunity to tailor it to your unique preferences and needs. A charming one-room schoolhouse, converted into a personal bar, adds a unique touch to the property. Large pipe corrals with thoughtful load-out, and a secondary corral area, ensure practicality for ranching operations, facilitating seamless livestock management. The road systems threading through the ranch offer unparalleled access to every corner of the property. These well-maintained roads ensure seamless navigation. Whether venturing towards viewpoints or accessing prime hunting grounds, the roadways provide a gateway to exploration and discovery. Recreation For over 40 years, Mankin Wildlife curated an exceptional hunting experience on this ranch. Renowned ammunition companies such as Winchester, Leupold, and Nosler have graced its grounds, making it a cherished destination for those seeking the thrill of the hunt. The Mankin Hunting Camp remains a sanctuary for world-class mule deer and antelope hunting. The presence of good water sources ensures that the animals remain nearby, undisturbed by the absence of pressured or marketed hunts in recent years. The hunting camp offers outstanding amenities, featuring a notable game pole where hunters can proudly exhibit their prized trophies and a conveniently located shooting range nestled within the headquarters, catering to enthusiasts eager to enhance their marksmanship abilities. For those in search of further recreational pursuits, the prairie dog hunting grounds await, offering abundant opportunities to perfect techniques while fully immersing themselves in the authentic rustic ambiance of the ranch. The Mankin Hunting Camp offers two reservoirs stocked with Browns and Tiger Trout. These pristine waters not only contribute to the beauty and functionality of the property, but also offer opportunities for anglers to engage in a memorable fishing experience amidst the tranquil landscape. Agriculture In addition to its natural beauty and recreational opportunities, Mankin Hunting Camp is equipped with practical amenities for ranching operations. Large pipe corrals with a convenient load-out area ensure efficiency in handling livestock, while a secondary corral area offers flexibility in management. The property serves as a winter pasture comfortably accommodating between 180-205 cows. Its expansive acreage is fully fenced, with a thoughtful design ensuring that cows need not travel more than 320 acres to access water, promoting their well-being and optimizing ranching operations. The Mankin Hunting Camp boasts a robust water infrastructure. Five wells and 18 stock tanks provide ample water sources throughout the property. Additionally, three deep coal bed bores offer further water accessibility, enhancing the ranch’s resilience and sustainability.

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Acreage: 5784
Price: $5,000,000  
MLS/Other ID: 1232
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