Summary: Lone Point has it all with a collection of diverse and highly sought-after land features that are sure to grab your attention and spark your imagination. Great topography, an excellent mixture of heavily wooded acreage and open tillable portions, outstanding hunting, potential lake site, a very remote and private feel, and power & water already in place. Whether it's for a hunting/weekend getaway or you plan to lay stake and call this home, you'll certainly appreciate the peacefulness of the country, jaw dropping sunrises and sunsets, and breathtaking star lit night skies found here. Location: Located in northwestern Comanche County just east of the Brown County line on Comanche County Road No. 177, the Lone Point Ranch is located 6.5 miles east of the town of May, Texas, 7.5 miles west of the town of Sidney, Texas, and 17 miles northwest of Comanche, Texas, approximately 2.5 hours southwest of Dallas, 2 hours southwest of Fort Worth, and 1 hour southeast of Abilene. The property is centrally located between and approximately 30 minutes from Lake Proctor and Lake Brownwood. Physical Address: CR 177, Sidney, TX 76474. History: Just consider for a moment that this land was wild and widely uninhabited by Anglos up until the late 1,800's as this was Comanche Indian territory, as the county is so thusly named. Lone Point is the northwest pasture of the 1,828 acre 7 Arrows Ranch. Comanche and Kiowa Indians frequented the area, and their presence is clearly evidenced by the collection of arrowheads, spearpoints, and tools found on the property over the years. Terrain: A lone point protrudes into the southwest corner of the ranch, being the most easterly point and end of a small mountain range that begins in Brown County and stretches east. The highest point on the ranch is found here at ~1,910' above sea level providing incredible views all around. The point itself is a noticeable land mark that can be seen for miles and is very distinguishable as it is marked near the end by a single red oak tree. From this point the land severely slopes downward as it descends the mountain and then levels off to a much gentler slope as you continue through the majority of the ranch moving north. The watershed created by Lone Point and another mountain system located east of the property, begin to collect along a draw that runs the center of the ranch. A hydrology study would need to be conducted to verify, but it appears the drainage through here is enough to support a small lake or large pond somewhere in the 4-5 surface acre range. The tree cover is diverse with dense stands of shin oak on the higher elevated portions, and an abundance of red oak, post oak, elm, pecan, hackberry, cedar, mesquite, bumelia, redbud, blackhaw, persimmons, sumac, cedar elm, and beautiful scattered live oak motts throughout the remainder. Overall, the ranch has ~260' of elevation change as the lowest point on the property is found along CR 177 where the seasonal draw exits the ranch at near ~1,650' above sea level. Water: The property has one small reliable stock pond near the entrance of the ranch that is frequented by wildlife and livestock. The water well is also located near the entrance and per the drilling log, was believed to have been drilled in 1998, is 180' deep, and at the time installed, produced a volume of 10 gpm. Contact agent for a copy of the drilling report/log. It is believed that additional water wells could be successfully drilled if desired. As previously mentioned, there appears to be a large enough watershed that collects through the main draw, that would support a small lake or additional pond. Wildlife & Hunting: Whitetail Deer, Rio Grande turkey, hogs, varmint, dove, and ducks provide many hunting opportunities. The ranch was previously in the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) - Harvest Option. In conjunction with TPWD recommendations and owners management efforts, the property recently produced a monster low fenced buck scoring over 200" B&C and had previously produced some other really nice trophies including a buck that scored over 170" and had a rare double main beam on one side. There's an equally impressive turkey population that calls the ranch home. Any blinds and feeders located on the property will remain and convey as part of a sale. The buck: doe ratio is believed to be 1 buck: 3-4 does. Wildlife Habitat & Food Plots: The wildlife habitat is prime with 65% of the ranch being heavily to moderately wooded and includes browse species such as shin oak, elbowbush, skunkbush, bumelia, sumac, redbud, cedar elm, greenbrier, catclaw mimosa, agarita and hog plum. There is a 1.5+/- acre wildlife food plot that is actively farmed and oats annually planted to attract wildlife in the fall. Roads & Fencing: A double gated entrance provides access into the ranch and is centrally located along the north end of the property where it fronts Comanche County Road No. 177 for approximately 2,500'. A semi-improved all weather arterial gravel road enters and winds its way south along the more easterly portion of the ranch before circling back into itself via a trail near the southeast property corner. Off of this main road you will find multiple pasture roads and trails that run west into the heart of the property and one that crosses through to the west boundary where it turns south and climbs Lone Point. This trail is not for the faint of heart as it ascends the mountain, but well worth the climb once you reach the top and continue out to the end of the point. What a view!! There's also a connecting trail that follows along and allows you to drive most of the west and north fence lines. The fences are a mix of new and old fencing and appear to turn livestock. Easements: There are no known pipeline easements, roadway easements, or large electric transmission line easements encumbering the ranch. Comanche County does have some wind development with wind turbines visible from and located approximately 4-5 miles south of the ranch, but with very minimal impact. Minerals: There is no O&G production on the ranch and the minerals are not leased at this time. Buyer will assume responsibility and expenses associated with a mineral ownership report if one is desired. Utilities: Electrical utility service is provided by Comanche County Electric Cooperative with a line in place on the ranch and an active meter set near the water well. Property Taxes: The property is ag-exempt and property taxes are estimated to have been $522.23 for 2021. Asking Price: $1,999,500 ($8,071.61 per acre) Contacts: Bret Polk 254-965-0349 mobile Broker & Commission Disclosure: Buyer's Agent/ Broker must be identified upon first contact with Listing Broker/ Listing Agent and Buyer's Agent/ Broker must be present at the initial property tour in order to participate in the real estate commission. Commission splits will be at the sole discretion of Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC. All information is deemed reliable, but is not warranted by Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC. All information is subject to change without prior notice.

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