Located in the south central portion of the Shirley basin area, this plot of land is a place for a sportsman to enjoy. The views are far reaching, yet still interesting every time you look around yourself! A watchful eye may see Antelope, Deer and Elk on and around this grass land area and still miss the abundant bird population, and the small game as well if they don't pay close attention! The land has two springs that flow part of the year, thus attracting the abundance of wildlife to it. Located nearby are several small reservoirs and ponds that will hold water most of the year! The land is accessible from the Little Medicine Road (also known as 32 Mile Road) which runs thru the eastern side of the property. With distant mountain views, small draws and ravines, and gently rolling landscapes, there is plenty of exploration and adventure to keep a person busy for many days as well. As an added bonus, this land also qualifys for land owner permits for large game hunting as well! call for more details!

Property details:

Property Status: SOLD
Acreage: 162.28
Price: $32,000  
Property Features: