A 234 net B&C mule deer AND a net 382 B&C Bull Elk harvested and documented on less than a 1000 acres? One can count on one hand the properties in North America capable of providing such quality free range animals, and then remove several fingers…And this property consistently produces trophy mule deer in the 190-200+ class annually. And, over-the-counter elk tags! Guess where? The +/- 820 acres of The Holley Ranch, Dove Creek Colorado – that’s where! This end-of-the-road game paradise sits on and controls access to +/- 4000-acres of inaccessible BLM canyon lands that hold monster mule deer and exceptional rocky mountain bull elk. Dove Creek Colorado is the pinto bean producing capital of the world and no different from a Midwest corn and bean belt producing world class whitetails. This farming community, first and foremost, is less than a rifle shot to the Utah state line. The game oasis of “The Holley” is a farming mesa top surrounded by miles of wheat, alfalfa and beans in every direction. If one was to draw the perfect trophy mule deer property, combined with herds of free range elk, the +/- 50/50 mix of wheat fields to covered Pinon/Juniper timbered fingers, Mountain Mahogany ridges and flats, sprinkled with oak (buck brush) and sage brush, this is the perfect habitat. 820 acres qualifies for up to 2 landowner buck tags (always check regulations) and over-the-counter counter elk tags for 30 days of archery or 1 of 2 rifle seasons. With the only water on the entire mesa, the ranch hosts 2 wells, including one that is solar powered and has bottled drinking water quality, holding an incredible year round deer and elk population. Add the thousands of surrounding acres of inaccessible BLM and miles of high protein wheat, alfalfa, and beans, and bingo…….you have the Holley! The ranch is perimeter fenced (with exception of canyon rim), has county maintained road access and is off-the-grid. Other than the solar well and tanks, the homestead log cabin, dug out and Native American remnants, there are no improvements on the property and you aren’t paying for someone else's mistake. One can enjoy this property out of a travel trailer or build the cabin or house or YOUR dreams, not someone else's dream. Wheat is generally farmed on a share basis with 25% going to the landowner and 75 % going to the farmer, although agreements can vary. The ranch has several corners and smaller fields that could/should be placed into game food plots such as dry land alfalfa, oats, etc. Today it could easily take a sportsman 5 to 20 years to draw a tag for the chance to take an animal that you see on an annual basis on The Holley. By the time this is posted, this ranch could easily be under contract, but call today for a qualified showing. All photos/animals shown were taken on The Holley.

Property details:

Property Status: SOLD
Acreage: 817.02
Price: $1,634,040  
Property Features: