Beautiful property with excellent views & 4700 feet of Hawk creek running thru it. Thirty-five acres of tillable ground & loads of timber. Excellent big game hunting property and great fishing nearby. The property backs up to 480 acres of DNR land. 1 hour to Spokane, 4 hours to Seattle, only minutes to Davenport with grocery stores, 24-hour Hospital, most all modern amenities, and a small municipal airport, & Five minutes to Seven Bays marina Land 690 Acres of Diverse and Enchanting Landscapes This expansive 690-acre property is a true natural wonderland, characterized by its diverse terrain and enchanting landscapes. From fertile creek bottom soils to majestic mature timberland adorned with captivating rock outcroppings, this land offers a tapestry of natural beauty waiting to be explored. Key Land Features: Creek Front Property: The property is blessed with the presence of Hawk Creek, a year-round creek that runs through its heart. This creek not only provides a serene atmosphere with its gentle flow but also supports an array of aquatic life, enhancing the overall ecological richness of the land. Fertile Creek Bottom Soils: Along the banks of Hawk Creek, you’ll find fertile creek bottom soils. These soils are ideal for a variety of agricultural purposes, including hay cultivation, crop farming, or nurturing lush gardens. The fertility of this land opens up numerous possibilities for those with a green thumb. Rolling Hills: The terrain of this property gracefully rolls, creating picturesque vistas and adding to its overall charm. These rolling hills not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also offer practical benefits for various land uses. Mature Timberland: As you move away from the creek bottom, the property transitions into mature timberland. Towering trees provide shade, privacy, and potential value for those interested in timber management. This lush forested area also harbors wildlife and enriches the natural surroundings. Rock Outcroppings: Adding a touch of rugged character to the landscape, rock outcroppings are scattered throughout the property. These geological features not only serve as intriguing natural sculptures but also offer opportunities for exploration and unique outdoor experiences. Varied Vegetation: The property’s vegetation is a captivating mix of environments. From the grassy lowlands near the creek to a charming grassy meadow atop the rolling hills, the changing vegetation creates distinct ecological niches and breathtaking visual contrasts. Abundant Wildlife: The diversity of landscapes and habitats makes this property a haven for wildlife. Expect to encounter a rich variety of fauna, from deer and elk in the timbered areas to birds and small mammals in the grassy meadows. In summary, this 690-acre property is a masterpiece of nature, offering a harmonious blend of fertile creek bottom soils, rolling terrain, mature timberland, rock outcroppings, and an array of captivating vegetation. Whether you’re seeking a picturesque canvas for your agricultural dreams, a timber investment, or simply a tranquil retreat surrounded by the wonders of nature, this land has the potential to fulfill your desires. It’s a slice of paradise waiting to be cherished, where every acre tells a unique story of natural beauty and opportunity. Improvements Completely Fenced with multiple new  gates Recreation Great property for Hunting , Fishing, And Camping. Close to Lake Roosevelt recreation area. Lake Roosevelt. This area is a recreational paradise. Lake Roosevelt makes it an ideal and tranquil destination for fishing and hunting. There are over 30 species of fish in the lake. Annually, over 500,000 rainbow trout and 500,000 kokanee are stocked in the lake. Other common sport fish are large and smallmouth bass, walleye, and perch. Seasonally, hunters seek whitetail, mule deer, black bear, elk, moose, pheasant, quail, grouse, chukar, and wild turkey by the thousands. Waterfowl consisting of ducks and geese are also plentiful as well. Agriculture   Agricultural Potential and Timber Riches This expansive property is a treasure trove of agricultural and timber resources, offering a diverse range of opportunities for those with a keen interest in land management and sustainability. Timber Wealth: Vast Timber Resources: One of the standout features of this property is its extraordinary timber resources. With approximately one million board feet of timber, predominantly consisting of fir and pine varieties, it represents a significant timber asset. Timber Cruise Available: For those interested in assessing and managing the timber resources, a timber cruise is readily available. This evaluation provides valuable insights into the volume, quality, and potential value of the timber, facilitating informed decisions about timber harvesting and investment. Agricultural Versatility: Fenced for Cattle Grazing: The property has been thoughtfully fenced, making it well-suited for cattle grazing. This feature not only enhances the land’s usability but also offers income potential for cattle ranching or leasing to local farmers. Tillable Soil: Approximately 35 acres of tillable soil grace this property. This fertile ground is perfect for cultivating a variety of crops, particularly those that thrive in drier conditions or require less water. Options include hay production, cereal crops, or other drought-tolerant plants, allowing for sustainable agricultural practices. Crop Diversity: The flexibility of this tillable soil opens the door to diverse agricultural possibilities. Whether you envision fields of golden hay, rows of hearty grains, or specialty crops suited to the region’s climate, the land provides a canvas for your agricultural ambitions. In summary, this property represents a harmonious blend of agricultural potential and timber riches. With abundant timber resources and the availability of timber cruise data, it’s an excellent opportunity for those interested in sustainable forestry and timberland management. Additionally, the presence of fertile, tillable soil, fenced areas for cattle grazing, and crop diversity options make it an enticing choice for agricultural ventures. Whether you’re an investor, farmer, or land enthusiast, this property offers a wealth of possibilities to explore and develop in harmony with its natural bounty.   Region & Climate Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Davenport Washington, United States In Davenport, the summers are short, warm, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are freezing, snowy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 22°F to 86°F and is rarely below 8°F or above 95°F.   History Davenport is the seat of Lincoln County, an agricultural county in northeast Washington’s Big Bend region, where dry land wheat farming and cattle ranching are the predominant industries.  As of 2009, Davenport had 1,684 residents, making it Lincoln County’s largest town. Davenport’s elevation is 2,390 feet above sea level, with an annual precipitation of 10 inches. Surrounded by rolling wheat fields, supported by a dedicated community infrastructure, Davenport serves as an important business, medical, and educational center for residents in this productive agricultural region.The mighty Columbia River has drawn people to its waters for over 9,000 years. Plateau peoples thrived on its rich fisheries. Trappers and traders plied its currents and rapids. The last frontier post stood watch on its shores. Grand Coulee Dam transformed the river into Lake Roosevelt, providing power to the Northwest and forever changing salmon runs upstream. Today, the rich history of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area has many stories to discover. Location Located just Minuets to Seven bays Marina and only and Hour to Spokane International Airport, Four Hours to Seattle. The closet town with amenities is Davenport.

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