RARE! Camas Prairie Ranch located between Grangeville and Cottonwood, Idaho, this working cattle and hunting ranch offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the true essence of the American West. Encompassing vast stretches of untamed natural beauty, this property combines the best of both worlds - a thriving cattle operation and a sportsman's dream. Over 800 Acres of optimal cattle pasture and prime hunting land. Land A Rancher’s Dream: This expansive property is designed for the true cattleman at heart. Over 800 acres of pristine land providing an ideal environment for raising and grazing livestock. The ranch includes well-fenced pastures, abundant water sources, making it a great place to sustain a thriving cattle operation. Whether you’re a seasoned rancher or aspiring to become one, this property offers endless possibilities for cattle ranching. A Hunter’s Paradise: The Camas Prairie is renowned for its incredible hunting opportunities, and this ranch is no exception. With a diverse and abundant population of wildlife, you can enjoy hunting experiences that are second to none. Whether you’re after elk, deer, upland birds, or predators, this property is a hunter’s haven. A network of well-maintained trails gives easy access to prime hunting spots throughout the year. Scenic Beauty: Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Camas Prairie, this ranch offers stunning panoramic views, rolling hills, and endless horizons. Enjoy the beauty of the Idaho wilderness as soon as you open the gate! Endless Recreational Opportunities: In addition to cattle farming and hunting, this property provides ample space for other recreational activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and ATV adventures. The diverse terrain and open spaces make it the ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Investment Potential: This ranch offers not only a unique lifestyle but also a solid investment opportunity. The combination of a working cattle operation and exceptional hunting grounds makes it a valuable asset for those seeking both financial stability and an authentic ranch experience.     Improvements There are two barns on the property to get the cattle out of the weather, gathering and sorting pens all setup for working cows and calves.  There is a large concrete feeding pad to keep your hay off the ground and makes for easy clean up in the spring when you kick the cows out to grass. There are several stock tanks and ponds for ample water supply. Most of the ranch is fenced with a barbed wire fence. Agriculture The Camas Prairie region in north-central Idaho, situated between Cottonwood and Grangeville, is an agricultural area known for its rich history of farming, ranching, and natural beauty. The Camas Prairie is a broad, flat expanse of land situated in Idaho County, between the towns of Cottonwood and Grangeville. It is characterized by gently rolling hills and expansive grasslands. The Camas Prairie supports a range of crops, including grains like wheat, barley, and oats. These cool-season crops thrive in the climate and provide staple food sources for both local consumption and broader markets. Hay production is a significant agricultural activity in the area. Farmers grow alfalfa, timothy, and other forage crops to feed livestock during the winter months. Hay is a crucial part of the local livestock industry.  Livestock production, including cattle and sheep ranching, is a prominent agricultural pursuit. The Camas Prairie’s vast pastures offer ample grazing opportunities for these animals. Ranching plays a central role in the local economy and provides both meat and dairy products. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable agriculture and land conservation in the Camas Prairie. Farmers and ranchers often employ conservation practices to protect the region’s natural resources, including water quality and soil health. Region & Climate The region experiences a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The climate is favorable for various agricultural activities. History The Camas Prairie has a rich agricultural history, with farming and ranching dating back to the 19th century. Some of the agricultural practices have evolved over time, but the region’s heritage remains an integral part of its identity. Location The Camas Prairie is a rural region located in north-central Idaho, and it is situated between the towns of Cottonwood and Grangeville Nearest Airports: Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport (LWS): Distance: Approximately 70 miles southwest of Camas Prairie. Description: Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport is the nearest commercial airport. It offers domestic flights and serves the region. From here, you can reach the Camas Prairie region via roadways, such as U.S. Route 95. Grangeville Airport (S79): Distance: Located in Grangeville Description: Grangeville Airport is a general aviation airport, primarily serving private and small aircraft. It’s convenient if you have your own plane or if you’re planning to charter a small aircraft. Amenities and Services: Accommodation: The Camas Prairie offers various accommodations, including motels, bed and breakfasts, and campgrounds. Grangeville and Cottonwood have lodging options where you can stay while visiting the area. Dining: You’ll find restaurants, cafes, and diners in Grangeville and Cottonwood. They serve a variety of local and American cuisine. Grocery Stores: Both Grangeville and Cottonwood have grocery stores where you can purchase supplies and groceries. Medical Services: Grangeville and Cottonwood are both equipped with medical facilities, including a hospital and clinics.

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Property Status: Under Contract
Acreage: 820
Price: $1,599,000  
MLS/Other ID: 1267
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