Four Hearts Ranch - A place where memories are made, where nature thrives, and where the connection between land and owner is brilliantly and seamlessly forged. Set amongst a true wilderness in British Columbia and surrounded by infinite beauty, Four Hearts Ranch offers a unique sense of place. Born out of a land that changes with each passing season, Four Hearts Ranch has been envisioned, assembled and built, woven into 5,925 acres of land, roaming pastures, forests and lakes . Adapting over the years, it works in harmonious collaboration with nature providing an extraordinary family home, guest homes, and lifestyle experience upon which cattle and horses graze, fish multiply and migratory birds return year after year to enjoy in the stillness and safety of this magical haven. This land is also home to moose, bear, cougars and wolves. Four Hearts Ranch is an opportunity to own such a legacy. Visit the official website for this property ( here.

Property details:

Property Status: Active Listing
Acreage: 5,925
Price: $23,800,000  
Listing Website: Vist Here
Property Features:

AcreageHome with Acreage