Boasting 1260 acres in the heart of some of the most scenic and awe inspiring topography in Kansas, this ranch has everything the southeast Kansas sportsman could hope to have on one contiguous piece of property. From the top of the vistas on this ranch, you can look out for miles, or you can focus your sights closer on the deep wooded draws, tillable farmland, running water of the Elk River and all the wildlife that make their home here. Land Starting on the northern most end of this wonderful property, the 1.15 miles of Elk River frontage and Clear Creek both wind through the lowlands, tillable farmland and wildlife food plots. The river beds are surrounded by old, massive cottonwoods, sycamores, elm and osage orange trees and if they could talk, they would tell stories of Native Americans and other hard working individuals who have made their way on this parcel for generations. The tillable farmland has, in year’s past been planted to wheat, dryland corn and milo. The food plots have also been planted in a variety of vegetative options including wheat, alfalfa and mixed clover. As you move south, there are large areas of dense timber that surround open parks of grasses and more food plots. The beat down paths created by years upon years of famed Kansas whitetail deer are highlighted by cedar trees that have been rubbed raw by the large bucks that make their home here. There is also an extensive ATV trail system in place that makes traversing the property easy and provides access to many areas from multiple directions. And, who doesn’t love driving through rocky, low water creek crossings? Moving further south, the land begins to shoot upward via some worn rock covered pathways leading to the top of number of large hills covered in blackjack oak trees and native grasses.  The hills reach upward as the sides of the hollowed out valleys below show eons of rock layers on their sides, while huge trees stretch from the bottom of the valley floors to show their canopies at eye level. From the top of these hills, as you gaze over the landscape, you will see pockets of dense timber and areas of open native grasses. With a good set of binoculars, you could sit on a high point and enjoy the scenery and wildlife near and far for hours. There are five ponds on the property to keep the animals well watered throughout the year. The ponds, creeks and rivers all provide fishing opportunities and there are a number of areas that could be explored as possible wetlands to be added for additional diversity. A wetlands build project could also be considered adjacent to the tillable acreage to include some flooded timber. The southern end of the property also has natural springs that weep into basins that have formed in the rocks, creating vehicle sized pools. Improvements The property has a nice 38’x32′ metal building located near the gated entrance toward the north end of the property. The building comes complete with extra tall overhead doors and a concrete floor to store all of your equipment and toys. There are several places along the county road that would make excellent build sites, or, area near this metal building would be one to consider if wanting to add a cabin or home to the property. The pasture areas of the property are adequately fenced and cross fenced with easy to access gates throughout. Recreation For decades, the caretakers of this property have been focused on managing and growing the caliber of large antlered whitetail deer that Kansas is known for. Strategically planted food plots, corn feeders and minerals have been a year-round mandate on the ranch and the results have shown themselves time and again. There are currently 47 acres of food plots planted on the property. There are a number of tree stands, ladder stands and box blinds located in strategic locations throughout the ranch. Sitting in any of these elevated perches, you will quickly see the travel corridors that the deer use to move from bedding areas to food and back again. In the days following a spring rain, you would need a calculator to count all of the deer and wildlife tracks left in the mud. Throughout the spring, turkey gobbles and bobwhite quail whistles can be heard echoing through the hills of the ranch. Geographically, the ranch sits right on the line where Rio Grande, Eastern and hybrid turkey subspecies all roam. Quail use the grass lands and thick underbrush of the creek bottoms for cover and can often be seen in coveys of 20 or more birds. Waterfowl, including ducks and geese can also be seen loafing on any of the ponds that are spread throughout the property, migrating overhead or feeding in the crops to the north. Agriculture The farming on the ranch has been a combination of production and food plots for wildlife. The production side could easily be expanded with additional acres allotted. There are currently 118 acres in production and another 75 acres allocated and available. The productive soils in that area of the ranch are Mason silt loam and have 0 to 1 percent slope. The yield history has been good with dryland corn, wheat and soybeans all having been planted over the last few years. There is also a 7 acre hay meadow available to be bailed and retained or sold. There is a current farming tenant in place on a cash rent and year to year basis. Water/Mineral Rights & Natural Resources The seller is believed to own all the mineral rights and water rights. Both mineral rights and water rights are expected to transfer upon closing. No current oil and gas leases exist at this time. Region & Climate Located in southeast Kansas, Elk County receives an average of 41 inches of rain per year and 12 inches of snow annually. Like most of Kansas, folks who make their home here will experience all four seasons. The weather can vary greatly from one side of the calendar to the other, which is part of what makes it a wonderful place for recreation. Just about any outdoor activity has a place on the Kansas calendar. History Please note that this ranch is part of a larger tract that includes a large, modern home and approximately 2000 additional acres. Contact listing agents for additional details. Location Located just south of Longton, Kansas, the ranch is easily accessible from Wichita, Kansas (1.5 hour drive), Tulsa, Oklahoma (1.75 hour drive) and Kansas City (3 hour drive). Longton, KS has stores that provide groceries, fuel and beer/wine.

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