Great new price on the Deerland Estate! Deerland is easily the most exquisite and well appointed estate in all of South Dakota. The home, built in 2002, sits on a 40 acre parcel and the Toy Shed on a 1 acre parcel of the estate. This phenomenal estate boasts a retractable roof and sliding wall that opens the home to the outdoors, it is offered mostly furnished and I guarantee you have seen nothing like it! Deer, pheasants, and other wildlife are abundant. Spring & Fall time brings the ducks, geese, pelicans, and other migrating waterfowl to the creek below the estate home. South Dakota’s Red Tail Hawk is frequently seen and occasionally Bald Eagle’s can be observed. Firesteel Creek is a flowing water stream beginning approximately 50 miles to the northwest and is the primary input into Lake Mitchell. Boat access is possible from the property to travel downstream to the Lake. Mitchell, South Dakota is a town of approximately 15,000 located on Interstate 90 approximately 65 miles (1 hour) from Sioux Falls, SD, the largest city in SD. It is a town serving as headquarters for Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU) and Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI), as well as several Elementary Schools, Middle School, and High School. Mitchell is home to several small industries and technology firms employing from 5 – 400 employees each. It is also home to the world’s only “Corn Palace” ( Mitchell’s premier tourist attraction. The local airport can accommodate large airplanes having two runways (6700’ and 5500’) and having VOR/DME/ & ILS approach capability. The home was conceived by the owners, Harvey & Peggy Kelley, and began with a set of plans they obtained from major home builder Arthur Rutenberg in Sarasota, FL. This result is 6500 square feet on the main level and 2200 square feet of basement. Attic mechanical room 400 square feet and the garages add another 2244 square feet for an enclosed total of approximately 11,344 square feet of floor space. Ceilings are standard 12’ with some extending to 15’ with design lifts. The Great Room ceiling reaches almost 30’. (SqThe estate consists of 375 acres located in Davison County on Firesteel Creek. The estate is located approximately 4 miles northwest of Mitchell, SD, 57301. Construction of the home consisted of the following: Basement – Poured concrete with adhered rubber fabric on outside. Interior walls is framed out 2x2, R-18 insulated, with 3/4 inch painted drywall and lift out acoustical ceiling tile. Floors are poured cement with epoxy (4 coat build-up) finish. Woodwork is stained oak. Framing – 2x6 inch stud walls, R-18 insulated. A substantial amount of custom fabricated steel support framing was used for roof support. Roof – Cement tiles and cement roof caps over ¾ inch plywood with adhered rubber fabric. Within the attic there is R30 ‘blown in’ insulation. Outside – Full brick (with key stoned areas) with custom fabricated metal crown moldings, facial, & soffit. EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) decorative columns, EIFS fireplace chimneys, and EIFS dome work add the finishing touch to the brick home design. Eve troughs are custom fabricated metal with open faced downspouts leading into sealed underground drainage pipes. Custom designed & fabricated, powder coated iron entrance gate & railing (by: Samone of Minneapolis, MN) adorns the brick courtyards & gate walls. Near the front entrance is a custom designed & sculptured, cast bronze full sized deer and a wall mount ‘wildlife’ waterfall fountain. It was sculptured by a friend & local sculptor, Karol Porter. Doors & windows – Marvin doors & windows are used throughout. All outside doors are insulated metal. All inside doors are stained and dyed “pure cherry” wood. The majority of all windows & glass doors have electric power, remoter control, roll down blinds/drapes. Inside walls & ceilings – ¾ inch drywall covered with “Armorcoat™” (an English product consisting of powered granite providing ‘all the way through color’ and allowing a variety of finishing techniques from smooth granite to textured surface). Woodwork – On the main level is all stained and dyed ‘pure cherry wood’ including large (14 inch) crown moldings in all areas. Floors – The base is ¾” plywood covered with 1 ½” of poured Gypcrete™ over the “in floor” heat piping. Three rooms are carpeted (office & the two guest bedrooms). The Great room has a poured slab concrete floor with in floor heat piping covered with custom ordered imported Limestone from England. Remainder of the main floor is custom ordered imported Italian (20 inch) polished porcelain tile with custom crafted design insets in several areas. Heating & cooling – The home is equipped with (6) Lennox™ electric heat pumps which supply heat & cooling. In addition an “in-floor” heating system for the total square footage is provided utilizing 4 ‘state of the art’ natural gas Munchkin™ boilers which also provide heat energy for the domestic hot water. The two systems are controlled by an Alterton™ custom designed control panel linked into the custom designed electronic home “Crestron™” control system. The home is divided into 14 separate ‘in floor’ heating zones and 6 separate HVAC zones with thermostats for each zone. Four (4) separate “air exchangers” can exchange existing house air for 100% fresh outside air in 20 minutes. The garages are air conditioned via separate Fujitsu units. Electronic System - The home has a custom designed electronic home control system consisting of a “Crestron™” control unit & remotes utilizing both wired & wireless appurtances. The wired control units (Isis panels) also serve as TV’s. Linked into this system is the “Lite Touch™” system which controls all lighting. The end result is effortless control of lighting, cameras, heating & air conditioning, drapes, fireplace, audio, video, exhaust fans, air exchangers, security, etc. This password secure system can be operated from built in video wall units, portable wired units, and wireless remotes as well as from any remote location with internet access (Computer/I Phone). Lighting – All lights are “Lite Touch™” push button controlled wall switches, all linked into the Crestron™ home control system. Most lights are dimmable with many preset event features. A portion of the Great Room ceiling lights are Hi-Tec halon low voltage. Ceiling cove lighting, as well as, cabinet accent & toe kick lighting is also low voltage (12 & 24 VDC) halon. Closet lighting is automatic door switch controlled. Cameras – There are 7 (6 movable --1 day/night) outside color cameras and 2 fixed indoor color cameras. The outside cameras are 360 degree movable with zoom in & out features except the one (at gate) which is fixed. Audio – Whole house audio service includes both satellite and local off-air programming. One satellite receiver located in the mechanical/electronics room is dedicated to home audio. Local off air programming is obtained via an attic antenna. The leisure room has Surround Sound for the 50” inch flat screen TV, blue ray DVD, & VCR, located there. The units included are shown in the room by room listing. Video / Audio - Received from three satellite receivers (Direct TV™) and one digital recording “Tivo™” receiver (Direct TV™) via one satellite dish. A LG 50”inch flat screen is located in the Leisure Room; a Samsung 50” inch flat screen is located in the Great Room entertainment area. Each guest bedroom has TV’s as well as the laundry room, downstairs hobby room, downstairs office, master bathroom, & both garages. The master bedroom has a Sony 33” flat screen TV. Extra wiring is through out the home for adding units if desired. The digital recording receiver located in the mechanical/electronics room is accessible from master bedroom, leisure room and great room units. Cabinetry – “Siematic™” cabinetry is used throughout the home. The Siematic™ ‘high grade’ cabinets were made in Germany, custom stained “dark cherry” in Canada, and custom installed by Siematic™ of Minneapolis, MN. The Great Room grill area contains Siematic™ custom made stainless steel cabinets matching the stainless steel natural gas grill & custom made brushed stainless steel grill hood. Counter Tops – All counter tops are high grade custom fitted granite. Kitchen area has special custom shaped bull nose features. Fireplaces – The home has 3 natural gas fireplaces. One is in the Leisure room with a granite hearth build into the custom Siematic™ cabinetry with hand carved ‘South Dakota wildlife” cherry wood carvings (by: local woodcarver Bruce Alexander, now deceased) permanently adorning the mantel and fireplace sides. Another fireplace is in the ‘Piano Room’ encased in a majestic limestone enclosure. Both fireplaces are high quality, remote controlled, & with variable speed fans and flame levels. The Great room ‘Open fireplace” is a custom made natural gas circular fire pit with a custom made stainless steel hood with power vent. This fireplace is controlled via the Creston™ & Lite Touch™ control system. Entry Drive – The secured entry drive to the home is two curved matching brick walls with EIFS caps & domes matching those on the house. The hydraulic vertical pivot, powder coated, black steel, electric gate (Ideal Mfg.) with custom silver metal medallions is controlled via the Door King™ gate box or the internal telephone system. Treated wood fences from the entry gate walls extend along the frontage of the property. Telephone System – An ‘Avaya™’ commercial PABX system is located in the mechanical/electronic room. The system has twelve extensions, six wired and six wireless. The home has three incoming/outgoing lines. Internet is connected to the security system for its outside connection. The entry gate can be controlled with this system as well as answering the front entry door speaker. The system has voice mail, call log, music on hold, voice page, all page, etc. Security System – The ‘Interlogix NX-8E TM’ (new 2016) security system is linked into the Crestron™ electronics system and indicates sensor locations and their condition on the floor plan. Sensors include: moisture, carbon monoxide, high temperature, smoke, low temperature, motion, glass breakage, door and window entry, etc. Driveway, Sidewalks, Courtyards & Patio Pavers – The main driveway from entrance gate to the home front is 30’wide, 4”asphalt. The 75 foot diameter wide circular drive, as well as, the sidewalks, courtyards, and north patio consists of pavers laid in sand. This total paver area is heated using two AO Smith™ boilers located, with their control system, in the east garage mechanical room. The pavers are zoned into four separate heating zones. The system and each zone is electronically controlled (on/off/temperature/etc.) Courtyards are located on the east & west sides of the home and are accessed from the Dinning Room and the Master Bathroom. A 10’ wide asphalt road path connects into the main drive and leads to the ‘Toy Shed’. Landscaping – One of the homes outstanding features is located in the center of the circular drive. It is the life size, one of a kind, cast bronze ‘Deer’ sculptured by a friend & local sculptor, Karol Porter, using Peggy’s father’s antlers from a deer he once shot as a mold The sculpture lies on a marble slab. If & when is the property is sold, this bronze sculpture will be retained by sellers for sentimental reasons. On the north patio sets a large clear acrylic “waterfall” sphere/globe setting on a 5’ diameter stainless steel circular catch basin. This sculpture was custom made & purchased in England from sculpture Allison Amour-Wilson (Allison’s Gardens) and is called Aqua Lens. Over 150 Colorado blue spruce evergreens line the driveways and outline the pond. Near the pond is a custom made Putting Green constructed from special artificial turf. A paver pathway leads to the octagon brick (EIFS columns & metal matching roof) gazebo located next to the pond. Along that pathway is a regulation Horse Shoe pit. Landscaping lights illuminate all the trees, pathways, and the pond waterfall. Three illuminated flag poles (2-25’ & 1-30’) are located mid-way along the driveway. Special rock was brought from Idaho to be used in the landscaped tree & shrubbery beds. Two separate sprinkling systems provide lawn watering. Adjacent Work, Storage, & Play Building (The Toy Shed): Located approximately 600 feet from the home is a 6800 square ft. wood framed, metal sided & metal roofed building with concrete floor. The building is actually two buildings adjoined together in an “L shape” (one is 40’x 90’; one is 40’ x 80’). The larger one is insulated with painted drywall on interior walls & ceilings, the smaller is insulated with metal interior ceiling and sidewalls. The building is heated with four natural gas wall mounted heaters. It has 9 (14’x14’) large overhead Entry/Exit doors with electric openers. Another (20’ x 14’) large interior overhead door separates the building into two areas. Strip & vault floor drains allow washing of vehicles within the building. Two large exhaust fans provide a pleasant flow of breeze in the summer. Four ceiling fans aid in air circulation for the building. A full bathroom with shower, another large work sink, washer/dryer, a large section of pallet racks (32’ x 5’x 2 layers), and 40 running ft of laminated cabinet & counter space is provided. The bathroom has its own electric baseboard heater. The building is wired with (2) 220 VAC welding receptacles. A refrigerator, beverage cooler dispenser, piano, four (4½’x30”) Rubber Maid™ enclosed storage cabinets, a 42” TV with Sony™ satellite receiver, VCR recorder - player, DVD player, CD player, AM/FM tuner & amplifier, & buffalo head mount is located here. An outside combination 500 gallon gas & 500 gallon diesel electric fuel tank with inside timer is located at this location. Asphalt paving surrounds the building on all the access sides. A separate security system for temperature is provided for this building. A secure lock box (only accessible by Fire / Law Enforcement) is located on gate post. Access keys for Shed & Home is within box. One of the security cameras is located on this building. Water – Domestic water is provided by Davison County Rural Water System. Irrigation water for the landscaping is provided by two wells which are piped into the irrigation pond. Water treatment (iron removal) equipment for one of the wells is located in a below ground vault room located at the pond. Water treatment (iron removal) equipment for the other well is located in the ‘Toy Shed’. In home water treatment consists of water softener and RO system. A circulating pump is used in the ‘Hot’ supply providing hot water at any hot water faucet with 10 seconds. Pond – This approximately 20 feet deep, man made pond, is approximately ¼ acre in size and contains approximately 275,000 gallons of treated water. It was constructed using a one piece rubber liner with a stepped design using large rocks to contain the liner. The pond has a filtering system with an aerator. A floating, lighted, water fountain is situated in the middle of the pond. On the east side of the pond is a lighted water fall cascading over a bed of rocks into the pond. A wooden bridge over the cascading water leads to a paved seating area. Several “Koi” fish inhabit the pond. A automatic solar powered fish feeder is located at the edge of the pond. In addition to its irrigation purpose it is also available for a Fire Department water supply in case of fire. Pond Vault – This below the ground poured cement unit is approximately 6’ x12’ (71 square feet) and contains the well controls and well pressure tank, the pond & water fall controls, and water treatment system tanks for removing iron from the well water for the irrigation pond. It is heated via an electric heat panel, has two sump pumps, dehumidifier, and security moisture & heat level sensors. Entry is via a stepped paver area with lockable steel entry door with inside steel steps. Electrical Service- 220 volt electrical service is provided by Northwestern Public Service via buried service lines. The home has a complex of electric appurtances fed via the main power panels. A 35 kW Gen Pro™ natural gas emergency standby generator is located in a brick enclosure wall by the home. The majority of the home is powered by this emergency generator should power outages occur. Outages are very infrequent. 2 whole house surge protection units are located in mechanical room 1, as well as, a power monitoring system. OPTIONAL ADJOINING LAND: Seller is offering the 331 acres adjoining the north boundary of the property for an additional $1,655,000 (see map). The property consists of approximately 177 acres of cropland, 30 acres of hay land, 10 acres of alfalfa, 17.6 acres of Conservation Reserve (CRP) land, 29.1 acres of Riparian Area, and the remaining acres being devoted to wildlife habitat. Co-Listed in cooperation with Don Dunham III Real Estate

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Property Status: SOLD
Acreage: 41
Price: $2,485,000  
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