~TURNKEY~ Conifer Estate Home and Studio have open floor plans with approximately 7,500 sq ft of living space - 5-acres of land. The home has a First Floor, Second Floor, and Walk-Out Basement Level. Studio Building has a 6-car garage on the ground level & music/recording studio/office on the second floor. Enjoy plenty of space inside and outside with a wrap-around deck and outdoor fire pit seating area—a comfortable, luxurious mtn. home. Land The gently sloped land with an evergreen forest is a dream for many nature enthusiasts. The cool and serene environment is perfect for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. However, by its very nature, sloped land can present challenges, but with the right care and effort, it can be maintained and developed. The property is fire mitigated,  indicating that the forest has been cleared of excess brush and debris reducing the likelihood of wildfire.  The two acres of fenced dog run and one-acre fenced horse corral are great additions to the property, making it attractive to pet lovers and horse enthusiasts who can let their animals roam free while ensuring their safety. Improvements Features ~ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS INCLUDED WITH THIS SALE~ The Conifer Home Estate is an exceptional property that has plenty of features and amenities to offer. The modern and luxurious design of the home makes it a dream come true for anyone looking for a comfortable and lavish place to stay. The fully furnished property has five bedrooms, including two master suites, and five bathrooms. The large viewing windows provide breathtaking mountain views, while the copper skylights and wooden accents bring a touch of warmth to the interiors. The living room with a baby grand piano and formal dining room are perfect for hosting guests, while the game and lounge room, music recording studio, and fitness center home gym provide entertainment and relaxation. The elite 6-car detached garage is perfect for car enthusiasts, while the hot tub spa, sun room, and custom-built steam shower offer complete relaxation. Other features of the property include a tanning bed, Brunswick Crown Gold V Pool Table, and office with a panoramic window. The professional designer kitchen with copper cabinets and stainless steel appliances is ideal for cooking gourmet meals, while the garden and greenhouse provide fresh produce. The 5-acre lot, including a 3-acre fenced area, is perfect for pets to run around, and the upgraded concrete private driveway provides easy access to the estate. The property is also equipped with a HD Security Camera System and Fire Extinguisher Balls, ensuring the property’s and its occupants’ safety. The Conifer Home Estate is a short 20-minute drive from Red Rocks Amphitheatre and 40 minutes from Denver, making it an ideal location to enjoy both the tranquility of the countryside and the excitement of the city.   Fully Furnished Home Great Views Spacious Common Areas 5 Bedrooms (Including 2 Master Suites) 5 Baths Walk-In Closet Large Viewing Windows Ceiling Fans Copper Skylights 3 Fireplaces Beetle Kill Pine (Wood Unique to Area) Wooden Floors, Walls, and Ceilings Living Room with Baby Grand Piano Formal Dining Room Elite 6-Car Detached Garage Fitness Center Home Gym Hot Tub Spa and Sun Room Custom Built Steam Shower Tanning Bed Brunswick Crown Gold V Pool Table Game and Lounge Room Music Recording Studio Instruments and Sound Equipment Office with Panoramic Window Designer Professional Kitchen Copper Cabinets, Wooden Accents Stainless Steel Appliances 5 Acre Lot 3 Acres Fenced- including a 2 acre dog run Upgraded Concrete Private Driveway 6-Car Detached Garage (Finished & Heated) Wrap-Around Deck Private Well Water (New pump, 304ft deep) Garden and Greenhouse Stone Retaining Wall Driveway Art and Decor Land is Mitigated Against Fire Abundant Wildlife and Pets HD Security Camera System Fire Extinguisher Balls It is easy to use and provides permanent protection as it self-activates in the presence of a flame, without human intervention.   RECORDING STUDIO With state-of-the-art equipment and acoustics, music artists and producers will have access to a dynamic, soundproofed space that can accommodate a variety of genres and musical styles. The studio features a large control room and a spacious live room with variable acoustics, perfect for recording live instruments or vocals. In addition to the studio, the estate also includes multiple living spaces, a hot tub, a game-room, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. This is a truly unique opportunity for musicians and producers to create and produce music in luxury and comfort. Region & Climate January February March April May June July August September October November December Avg. Temperature °C (°F) -8.2 °C (17.2) °F -7.4 °C (18.7) °F -2.7 °C (27.2) °F 1.7 °C (35) °F 7.4 °C (45.3) °F 14.4 °C (58) °F 17.5 °C (63.4) °F 15.9 °C (60.7) °F 12.2 °C (53.9) °F 5 °C (41) °F -2.5 °C (27.5) °F -8.4 °C (16.9) °F Min. Temperature °C (°F) -14.5 °C (6) °F -14.2 °C (6.5) °F -9.7 °C (14.6) °F -5.2 °C (22.7) °F 0.1 °C (32.2) °F 6.6 °C (43.9) °F 10 °C (50) °F 9.1 °C (48.3) °F 5.3 °C (41.5) °F -1 °C (30.2) °F -8.3 °C (17.1) °F -14.3 °C (6.3) °F Max. Temperature °C (°F) 1.1 °C (34) °F 1.8 °C (35.3) °F 6.2 °C (43.1) °F 9.9 °C (49.8) °F 15.2 °C (59.3) °F 22.3 °C (72.1) °F 24.6 °C (76.3) °F 23.1 °C (73.6) °F 20 °C (68.1) °F 13.4 °C (56.1) °F 6.3 °C (43.3) °F 0.7 °C (33.3) °F Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in) 27 (1) 29 (1) 56 (2) 83 (3) 101 (3) 76 (2) 96 (3) 85 (3) 54 (2) 49 (1) 35 (1) 26 (1) Humidity(%) 64% 63% 60% 58% 58% 48% 51% 54% 52% 57% 59% 65% Rainy days (d) 4 5 6 8 12 10 12 12 7 6 4 4 avg. Sun hours (hours) 7.7 8.3 9.3 9.9 10.7 12.2 12.3 11.5 10.1 8.7 8.1 7.4   Source for Climate Data History History of the area This land is teeming with life and energy that you can feel. Rich with history and natural beauty, the spirit of the land is full of originality and freedom; Shadow Mountain is an incredible place to be. Nestled in foothills 15 miles southwest of Denver, Conifer is far enough from the big city to feel like a true mountain community, but still close enough for visitors to enjoy all Denver has to offer. Hills in Conifer, now sprinkled with new homes, were first occupied by Arapaho, Ute and Cheyenne tribes who used the area as a hunting ground. Native Americans were followed by merchants, trappers, ranchers and miners. Historic Reynolds Park, about five miles outside Conifer, stands as a memorial to Conifer’s pioneer era, and the trails originating here range from rolling to rugged. In the late 1800s, roads carved into the foothills opened Conifer and surrounding areas to those in search of adventure and wealth. In 1861, Major Robert Bradford developed a toll road from his home in what is now Ken Caryl, west over the foothills, and then up South Turkey Creek to what was then called Bradford Junction and is today where the Yellow Barn is located.  The Bradford Toll road intersected with the Bergen Park Toll Road coming down from the north. In 1936 Noah Legault was interviewed about his memories of the old Bradford Toll Road. Today, a mix of rustic cabins and new, state-of-the-art homes peek from behind expanses of blue spruce, pine, fir and aspen trees. What does stand out is this town’s abundance of natural beauty. The Pike National Forest, which runs right through town, provides a home for deer, elk, foxes, birds and rabbits. In the spring and summer, seasonal wildflowers carpet Conifer’s hills. The city also maintains multiple parks. Information resourced from the Conifer Historical Society. Location Activities and Attractions Located in the ideal setting, Conifer Estate home is in a small mountain town, 20 minutes to Red Rocks Amphitheater, 30 minutes from the mountains, and 30 mins from the front range of Denver. Enjoy all the city and the mountains have to offer. Colorado is known for activities like: Hiking Biking Skiing Horseback Riding Camping Snowshoeing Hot air balloon rides Whitewater Rafting Rock climbing Denver Night Life Theater and Art Going Out? Local Spots Local Restaurants and Casual Chains JJ Madwells Italian Wing Wagon DW’s 285 Diner Brooks Place Grill and Tavern Starbucks, Qdoba, Subway, 3 Margaritas, etc.   Hiking Trails/Parks/Places of Interest   Meyer’s Ranch Hiking Trail Maxwell Falls Hiking Trail Foxton Road Scenic Drive Lookout Mountain Wellington Lake Evergreen Lake Elitch Gardens Amusement Park Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Zoo Denver Aquarium   Grocery and Commodities King Soopers with Pharmacy Safeway with Pharmacy O’Reilly Auto Parts Big O Tires Anytime Fitness   Just to name a few…

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