The Circle Bar Ranch is located about 6 miles Southeast of Crane, Oregon. The ranch is currently leased out annually for 350 pairs. Historically the ranch has not typically purchased hay to feed the cattle. A total of 8,096 deeded acres along with a BLM allotment containing approximately 8,381 acres provides for contiguous out the gate herd rotations during the lifecycle of the livestock. In the late fall/early winter cattle are trailed down the main road a few miles back to the home place. The ranch has a series of springs, creeks and ponds that provide drinking water. Ranch consists of 392 acres of primary water rights. Alder Creek Reservoir rights are owned by the ranch for 264 acres of supplemental. Reservoir annually fills and is the primary source of water for the ranch. A buried mainline from reservoir supplies the gated pipe to irrigate large fields at the headquarters. Grass hay and alfalfa are the primary crops produced on the ranch. A nice 2003 built home overlooks the fields. Quality steel corrals with scale, water and semi-truck access. A large calving barn includes water and electricity. Hayshed and large barn along with a lean-to equipment storage.

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Acreage: 8096
Price: $5,950,000   Cattle Ranch
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