Cromwell Island

Dayton, Montana


Added on 9/26/2021
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Added on 9/26/2021
For Sale
Property Features
  • Lake Frontage
  • Home
  • Electricity
  • Lake
Property Description

Like the cold, clear waters of Flathead Lake, mystique surrounds Cromwell Island. It overlooks the legendary Wild Horse Island, where Salish and Kootenai historically swam their horses to keep them safe from rival tribes. In the 1930s, construction started on a dam near Polson, Montana, at the outlet of the Flathead River. Prior to its completion, in periods of low water, Cromwell Island became a peninsula connected to the shore. It is all but certain that the Native Americans historically herded their horses onto this peninsula before swimming them across to Wild Horse. Today, Cromwell Isl


Hall Hall


Hall and Hall
Billings, Montana