Kokopelli Ranch

Philipsburg, Montana


Added on 6/30/2022
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Added on 6/30/2022
For Sale
Property Features
  • Equine Facilities
  • Home
  • Electricity
Property Description

Sometimes we have the honor of bringing truly exceptional properties to market. Kokopelli Ranch is something special. The views of the Pintler Range and the East Fork Valley from this 400 acre, mountaintop retreat defy description as they need to be experienced. From the mottled light to the storms that swirl and wrap themselves around the Pintlers jagged peaks, the everchanging reel cradles you in some of the best views the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Located 20 minutes from the historic town of Philipsburg and surrounded by large ranches, the locale is ideal for those wanting remo


Hall Hall


Hall and Hall
Billings, Montana

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