Ohs Willow Creek Ranch

Pony, Montana


Added on 6/12/2023
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Added on 6/12/2023
For Sale
Property Features
  • Creek
  • Irrigated
  • Equine Facilities
  • Corrals
  • Barn
  • Fishing
Property Description

Ohs Willow Creek Ranch is a 429 acre ranch located near the historic town of Pony, Montana, one hour west of Bozeman. The ranch consists of approximately 197 acres of pivot irrigated cropland, 76 acres of range, and the balance being a lengthy riparian corridor with the collective flows from the North Fork and South Fork of Willow Creek. The views of the Tobacco Root Mountains immediately to the west are simply spectacular. Held for generations, including through Karl Ohs elected Governorship of Montana, the Ohs family historically utilized the ranch as a base for their cattle operations wh


Hall Hall


Hall and Hall
Billings, Montana

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