I-5 and Shields I Almonds and Open Ground

Firebaugh, California


Added on 3/1/2023
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Added on 3/1/2023
For Sale
Property Features
  • Irrigated
  • Orchard
Property Description

Unique opportunity to acquire 80 acres of high producing almonds along with 80 acres of open ground. Irrigation is via a filtration system with double drip lines in the tree portion. The property is entitled to receive water from the San Luis Water District. Varieties are 50% Nonpareil, 25% Monterey, and 25% Fritz. Trees were planted in 2006 with a spacing of 18 X 21. Soils are approximately 95% Cerini clay loam and 5% Milham sandy loam. The open ground has been farmed organically in the past. This property will be sold together with the adjoining 47.2 acres (see our listing). The 2


Todd Renfrew

Broker & Owner, ALC

California Outdoor Properties
707 Merchant St, Suite 100, California

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