North Bridger Mountain Ranch

Wilsall, Montana


Added on 9/18/2023
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Added on 9/18/2023
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Property Features
  • Hunting
  • Timber
Property Description

The North Bridger Mountain Ranch represents the culmination of generations of excellent asset management. The grazing, timber, recreation, and hunting have been expertly managed for decades and it shows! The ranch which lies at the north end of the Bridger Mountain Range, is the headwaters of no less than four drainages. Truly an end-of-the-road mountain ranch situated on Elkhorn Ridge between the Shields River and Sixteen Mile Creek drainages, the 10,669 deeded acre ranch offers a significant landholding an hour from Bozeman, Montana.

The Facts

~End-of-the-road privacy


Hall Hall


Hall and Hall
Billings, Montana

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