Upperville, Virginia


Added on 3/12/2024
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Added on 3/12/2024
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Property Features
  • Creek
  • Irrigated
  • Spring
  • Hunting
  • Equine Facilities
  • Home
  • Barn
  • Electricity
  • Timber
  • Pond
  • Fishing
Property Description

At the heart of every exceptional property is a sense of place. Llangollens is unmistakable and tells a remarkable story spanning 230 years and 1,100 acres.

Anchoring the farm is an immaculately restored eight-bedroom Colonial Revival manor house (circa 1795) that sits at the end of a mile long driveway with sweeping 180-degree views. In front of the house, 700 verdant acres of Virginia pasture unfold, while an additional 400 acres of forested mountain land rises up behind it. Numerous historic barns and stables, including the iconic Horseshoe Stable, are spread across the property. O


Hall Hall


Hall and Hall
Billings, Montana