Dakota Partnership Ranch

Fairburn, South Dakota


Added on 1/17/2024
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Added on 1/17/2024
For Sale
Property Features
  • Creek
  • Home
  • Corrals
  • Barn
  • Electricity
  • Pond
  • Fishing
Property Description

Notably, one of the best grass ranches to hit the market in South Dakota. Formally known as the 777 Bison Ranch, it is a well-blocked, mostly all-deeded offering. Expanding across over 26,000 acres just south of Rapid City and near the Black Hills. The Dakota Partnership Ranch lacks nothing from an operational standpoint and has high-quality yet practical improvements. A first-class owner's residence overlooks the long valley that makes up the heart of the ranch. Additionally, two manager/employee compounds are strategically located at both ends of the ranch, on the west and east. The r


Hall Hall


Hall and Hall
Billings, Montana