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Oregon Real Estate Broker for 38 years, Large Ranch, Irrigated/Dryland Wheat Farm Broker, 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange Specialist, Income/Investment Property Analysis, Experienced Negotiator, Confidential Counseling, Rotarian, Private Pilot for 30 years, Served 12 years on the Real Estate Agency appointed by the Governor of Oregon

About Jim Whitney

Being in Real Estate for over 40 years has given me the experience and knowledge that purchasers, sellers, and brokers appreciate. As a CCIM, I can provide a higher level of investment analysis as one reviews properties through creative analysis to determine highest and best use. I have successfully worked for large companies on a confidential basis for property acquisition. I have excellent property and land knowledge throughout Oregon and a strong knowledge of the Pacific Northwest land values. I have a long established network of quality real estate brokers that I work with. My reputation is known as one whose word is good, and whose communications you can trust.

Jim Whitney's Listings
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Scott Ranch

Pendleton, OregonAcreage: ± 39

$1,250,000Has ImagesHas Map

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B & L Ranch

Lostine, OregonAcreage: ± 142

$1,050,000Has ImagesHas Map

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Spriet Ranch

Baker City, OregonAcreage: ± 189

$1,100,000Has ImagesHas Map

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Walker Farm

Stanfield, OregonAcreage: ± 69

$1,350,000Has ImagesHas Map

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Hilltop Acres

Winston, OregonAcreage: ± 387

$4,250,000Has ImagesHas Map

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Whitney Valley Ranch

Sumpter, OregonAcreage: ± 782

$1,250,000Has ImagesHas Map

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Brown Canyon Imnaha Ranch

Imnaha, OregonAcreage: ± 4404

$2,400,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Imnaha River Ranch

Enterprise, OregonAcreage: ± 4655

$3,800,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Hail Ridge Farm

Heppner, OregonAcreage: ± 2573

$1,700,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Tachella Wheat Farm

Pendleton, OregonAcreage: ± 613

$1,381,080Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Cedar Springs Industrial Property

Arlington, OregonAcreage: ± 214

$1,900,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Powder River Keating Ranch

Keating, OregonAcreage: ± 1536

$4,899,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Athena Crop and Range Parcels

Athena, OregonAcreage: ± 1200

$2,106,330Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Arlington Farm

Arlington, OregonAcreage: ± 1271

$1,800,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Daybreak Ranch

Baker City, OregonAcreage: ± 4822

$2,299,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Umatilla River Mountain Property

Pendleton, OregonAcreage: ± 1906

$1,324,670Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map

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Douglas County Wine Development

Winston, OregonAcreage: ± 387

$3,375,000Has ImagesHas VideoHas Map