Sibex Feedlot is a highly improved feedlot feeding facility and home in Eastern South Dakota. The 72.62 acre property has a state CAFO permit that would allow 2500 head. The feedlots are currently nearly vacant, but there are 16 pens which are capable of handling at least 2500 head. Land The property has 72.62 total Acres, with 9.31 Acres Crop, 20 Acres Pasture, 40.92 Acres in building site, and 2.39 Acres roads/waste. Improvements Dwelling: The ranch dwelling is in the Northeast corner of the site. It is shown built in 1999. It is 26 x 46 or 1196 square feet on the main level. This level has a living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms with closets, full bath, and closet area. There is a 192 SF wood deck to the West of the dining room. The lower level has a family room, 2 bedrooms, 3⁄4 bath and utility laundry area. The home has propane heat with air conditioning. The home has vinyl siding and asphalt shingles. Double garage: There is an attached double garage that was built at the same time as the house. It is 28 x 30 with 2 overhead doors. It is insulated and lined and has a stairwell to the lower level. Office/Loading facility: This building is a combination office/loading facility. This overall is a pole type structure. The West side is the office area that is approximately 12 x 50 with a 12 x 50 upper level. The office has a bathroom and kitchenette area. It is heated. The East side is a good loading facility with concrete loading chutes and platform. The facility has an excellent circle tub corral and Parasol Hydraulic Cattle Chute. The area is lined and insulated. The building is 10 years old. It is in good condition. Shop: The shop sets in the middle of the yard North of the office. This is a pole type structure that is 49 x 51 or 2499 square feet with 16’ walls. The shop is insulated, metal lined and heated. It has good lighting. There are two overhead doors with electric openers. The floor is drained. The shop is about 10 years old and in good condition. Storage shed: This shed is in the Northeast area of the yard. The shed is about 10 years old and is 48 x 120 or 5760 square feet. This is a pole type shed used for machinery storage and has a gravel floor. It has overhead doors with electric openers on each end. Storage Shed: This shed is in the Southeast corner of the building site, South of the bunker silos and East of the feedlots. It is a pole type of shed that is 15 years old. It is 40 x 80 with a concrete floor. It has overhead doors on each end. Open Front Shed: The shed is Northwest of the office and by the driveway. It is a pole type structure and is used for machinery and hay storage. The shed is 5 years old and is 60 x 120 or 7200 square feet. It has a gravel floor. Commodity Bunker: This bunker is in the Southeast area attached to the concrete bunker. It is 28 x 30 but has no dividers. It has a concrete floor and 10’ concrete walls. It is about 11 years old. Bunker silo: This bunker silo is in the Southeast end. It is all concrete with a concrete floor and large concrete pads in front, connecting to the commodity bunker and dirt bunker. It is about 60 x 220 or 13,200 square feet with 10‘high walls and all concrete floors. It is about 11 years old. Bunker silo: This silo is on the East side of the concrete bunker. It has dirt/clay construction walls and a concrete floor. The walls need some repair. It is about 65 x 230 or 14,950 square feet with 10’ high walls. It is 15 years old. Scale: The scale is on the East side of the driveway towards the North end of the driveway. It has gravel approaches coming off the driveway. The scale is about 10 years but updated in 2015. It is a Cardinal 10080-EPR 80’ Drive Over scale, 100 T scale, with updated digital readouts and a heated scale house. Feed lots: The Feed lot area is divided into 16 cattle Pens of various sizes. Some have extensive amounts of concrete, and some are primarily dirt. They are each numbered from 4 thru 19. Pen #4- 70’ of concrete bunk Pen #5- 80’ of concrete bunk & 82 x 92 concrete pad Pen #6- 80’ concrete bunk & 80’ x 82’ concrete pad Pen #7-80’ Concrete bunk & 96’ x 90’ pad Pen #8- 184’ bunk & 52’ x 195’ pad Pen #9-190’ bunk & 52’ x 224 pad Pen #10- 110’ Bunk & 74’ x 115’ pad Pen #11- 120’ Bunk & 78 x 144’ pad Pen #12- 160’ bunk Pen #13- 180’ bunk Pen #14- 200’ of bunk Pen #15- 200’ of bunk & 50’ x 218’ pad Pen #16- 224’ of bunk Pen #17- 216’ of bunk Pen #18-240’ of bunk Pen #19- 280’ of bunk The bunk area totals 2614’. Normal guidelines are to have 1’ of bunk per head so would have the capacity for the 2500 head CAFO. Fencing is primarily Sunderman Continuous Fencing & RR ties. Lots use 12 Tire Water Tanks & 2 Ritchie Water fountains, some divided between 2 lots. Lagoon: The property actually has 3 lagoon areas. There are two lagoons on the South and one in the Northwest. There are also berms on the outside of the feedlot areas to catch runoff and 4 monitoring wells to monitor any water quality issues. All is designed to meet requirements for a 2500 head CAFO permit. Region & Climate The immediate neighborhood is Moody County, which had 6,486 inhabitants as of the 2010 U.S. Census. The county seat is Flandreau, a community of 2,341 people. Moody County is home to the Flandreau Santee Sioux Indian Reservation, and tribal headquarters are located in Flandreau. Flandreau is also home to two schools: a traditional public school and the Flandreau Indian School. The Flandreau area alone offers many recreation opportunities, such as camping, fishing, hunting, a trap shooting range, public parks, aquatic center, municipal golf course, museums, local clubs, and organizations, and more. The average elevation of Moody County is 1,570 feet above sea level. Average annual precipitation is 24″. The average July temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit and the average in January is 14 degrees. Location Primary East/West access to Moody County is via South Dakota Highway 34, although two state and two county highways have interchanges with Interstate 29 as it runs North and South through the county. The county seat, Flandreau, is located seven miles East of I-29 on SD Highway 32. In addition to the Interstate, SD Highway 13 provides North/South access to the county and Flandreau. Due to its location, Moody County has been affected by the considerable agricultural and industrial growth in the nearby communities of Brookings and Sioux Falls. There are no foreseeable utility issues in the next 10 to 20 years for Moody County that would limit growth. There is an adequate water supply, a system designed to accommodate planned growth, and natural gas is available to the area for large development properties, as well as electricity and telephone provided by rural electric utilities.

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