Schwenke Ranch is a classic Montana grass ranch in the heart of some of the most unspoiled areas of the Rocky Mountain West. This is cowboy country, where pastures are huge, and a rider can go 20 miles in a day without going through a gate. Located north of Lewistown, this is where the little Rocky Mountains meet the Missouri Breaks and fall down to the wide and meandering Missouri River. This place is still wild, with impressive populations of Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, and numerous other species of big game, predators, and upland birds. This ranch will connect you with the unspoiled scenery and wide open vistas that signify the West. - 60,069 total acres - 2,597 deeded acres - 1,920 State acres - 55,872 BLM acres that is a shared allotment with 4 total permittees - Has a carrying capacity of 562 cows or 1,280 yearlings - 299 corporate shares of the Square Butte Grazing Association will transfer that grant the user 6 AUMs -per share, equalling 1,794 AUMs - An additional 100 AUM private lease is also available post closing - Has a full set of outbuildings, working corrals and accommodations - Directly adjacent to top quality elk hunting plus a local transitory elk herd

Property details:

Property Status:
Acreage: 60069
Price: $7,950,000  
MLS/Other ID: 139735
Property Features:

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