Rancho Piedra Tortuga is a magnificent multi generational family owned cattle and guest ranch at the foothills of the Sierra Madre in the Mexican state of Sonora, a mere 55 miles south of the Arizona border. With 5,000 acres of the most scenic, pristine and remote country in North America, oftentimes labeled a National Park by countless international guests, the Rancho comprises an incredible range of diversity of flora, fauna and terrain, with canyons, rolling hills, washes, mountains, cliffs, rock formations and, million dollar scenery at every turn. Additional acreage can also be purchased, if needed. The Rancho currently holds 200 head of cattle [separate purchase], though can sustain much more. Twenty horses also roam in free range, like the cattle, with pastures and fencing throughout the property. Summer monsoon rain is a consistent 20 inches or more in July, August. Winter rain is 2-4 inches. Five seasons variety, colors, light, ambiance add to sheer beauty of land. Water consists of springs, wells and reservoirs, with solar pumps at wells and gravity and pipes feeding the Rancho hacienda. The hacienda consists of multiple modern and older housing units, of various sizes, due to guest ranch lodging. All power is off grid solar, with heat, refrigeration using natural gas. All guest units are furnished with modern furnishings and modern installations. Water is through a natural spring piped directly from the source inside a canyon, with evidence spring has run continuously for millennia. The Rancho has been in the Valenzuela family since the mid 1950's, first as a cattle ranch, then, in 2008, as a guest ranch as well. Rancho located in a very safe, secure and protected area of Sonora, with the Rancho and its environs never having experienced a single case of security concerns. As such, thousands of guests have passed through our gates, with not one single incident. The Rancho is only 23 miles of rugged, rocky dirt road away from a modern, small sized corporate owned airport easily capable of accommodating private jets. It is also accessible via modern highway [1.5 hours drive] from Douglas, Arizona, followed by 23 miles of dirt road. The Rancho has a wealth of pre-Colombian sites, many dating back 2 millennia. Inside our canyons are dwellings, caves, petroglyphs, pictographs and a vast history yet to be fully explored and/or discovered. Ten mile long Lake Angostura is only a few miles away, in a straight line, and only a couple hours drive [dirt road]. The lake is renowned for its fishing. The land is itself exceedingly pristine as the family consists of educated conservationists and environmentalists who have protected and preserved the land in its natural state for generations. Once you personally see the land, you will understand why the land is cherished and respected. It is truly unique, exotic, incredibly beautiful and peaceful. Truly God's Country. A land like this would sell for 10 times its asking price if in the United States. Non Mexico citizens will have no problems owning this property after filing the proper requirements.

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Property Status: Active Listing
Acreage: 5000
Price: $2,500,000  
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AcreageCattle RanchHomeHome with AcreageHunting LandMountain LandRanch

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Dirt RoadMultiple Roads

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Manuel Valenzuela

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