In its entirety, the Mesa Vista Ranch contains approximately 65,000 contiguous acres straddling the Canadian River for around 24 miles. The ranch has been offered for sale at the price of $220,000,000. Now, in an effort to settle Boone Pickens’ estate, the trustees have made the decision to lower the price down to $170,000,000 a gigantic reduction of $50,000,000. Additionally, the trustees have agreed to offer the west 48,000± acres at a price of $150,000,000 and the east 15,708± acres at $20,000,000 or $1,575 per acre. This productive section of the Mesa Vista Ranch is located on the east side of Highway 70 directly across the highway from the main division. Access to the property is controlled by an attractive rock entrance with electric keypad entrance gate. Offered jointly and exclusively with Chas. S. Middleton and Son.

Property details:

Property Status:
Acreage: 15708
Price: $20,000,000  
MLS/Other ID: 122925
Listing Website: Vist Here
Property Features:

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Hall and Hall

Billings, MT


Hall and Hall

Billings, MT