Water ResourcesThe Historic Bull Mountains Ranch has great water resources rarely seen in this area of Montana. A couple springs create a small stream that meanders its way through the lower portion of the property close to the homesite. Along its path, a small pond has been created to add to the natural beauty of the property and further support livestock. The main well is only 81 feet deep and produces an abundant 80 gallons per minute. A historic hand dug well adds an additional 10 gallons per minute. The property has an old reservoir that has been drained, but with a little work may be revitalized. These water resources are vital to the ranch and add significant value. Wildlife ResourcesThe ranch has a healthy resident population of mule deer, whitetail deer and turkey. Elk also pass through and are commonly seen wintering here, as evidenced by the shed antlers found annually on the property. The ranch is in the heart of hunting district 590 which is famous for its trophy producing potential. A few trophy animals have even been harvested on the property, so should the new owners perform specific land management that favors wildlife, it's resources may be significantly improved.Livestock ResourcesThe ranch is well watered and has an abundance of grassy pasture lands, making it perfect for horses and other livestock. Existing structures on the property could be used for livestock shelter and support. Perimeter fencing was recently replaced in 2019, and with a little more work, the cross fencing could be improved for better pasture management.Historic BuildingsThe Historic Bull Mountains ranch has many buildings dating back to the early 1900's when the ranch was originally homesteaded. Most of the buildings were given new metal roofing to ensure their preservation for years to come. All these structures were built with logs known to be harvested from the property. The buildings include a home (now used as a guest cabin), a barn, a couple shops, chicken coup, root cellar, loafing sheds, tool sheds, and more. Not only do these buildings add to the visual appeal and functionality of the ranch, but the owners have also been given offers for them to be removed and repurposed for use in the reclaimed lumber market.The HomeThe custom built home was designed by the owners and finished in 2016. The exterior structure was creatively built using insulated concrete forms for the foundation and repurposed commercial walk-in freezer panels for the walls, creating a well insulated and efficient home. As a result, the home stays cool in the summer and can be kept heated in the winter using only a wood burning stove that is strategically placed in the center of the home. The propane forced air furnace provides a great supplement to the wood heat for those exceptionally cold Montana days. The open floor plan and 10' ceilings with separate guest and master suite wings were carefully planned to provide privacy and space for all occupants. The main living room is separated into two seating areas, and a second living room in the entry provides even more space to entertain or spread out. The full length, covered deck with a hot tub is a great place to enjoy the privacy and surrounding natural environment. The unique features of the home will be well appreciated by the discriminating buyer.

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Acreage: 160
Price: $860,000  
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