HardScrabble Hall & Davis No HOA/Covenants Irrigated Meadow Excellent building site with great views Water Rights HALL-HARDSCRABBLE DITCH - PRIORITY #427DAVIS DITCH PRIORITY # 172 DAVIS DITCH PRIORITY # 187 Cattle Grazing Lease This property is being sold with a BLM grazing lease for 40 yearlings (cattle) or 25 pairs (cattle) near Coaldale Colorado. This is a seasonal lease. Kerr Gulch Allotment #05006 BLM Acres: 5,586 Grazing Schedule: 25 cattle 5/1-9/30 100% public land 125 AUMs 40 yearlings 5/19/30 100% public land 200 AUMs This schedule represents approximately 50% of the AUMS as pairs and 50% as yearlings, based on a 1.6 conversion ratio. See Kerr Gulch Allottent Map Terms & Conditions: Grazing will no longer be authorized on adjacent unfenced forest service land. Flexibility in the numbers of cattle and yearlings will be allowed so that up to 75% of the AUMs could be either cattle or yearlings as long as total AUMs are not exceeded. Cattle will be moved off the three pastures based on the following criteria: lower pasture 60% utilization of cool season species middle pasture 60% utilization on cool season species or the first indication of bank shear on Hamilton Creek. upper pasture 60% utilization on grass forage species in the key areas of Hamilton Baldy Spring, Short Creek, and Horse Spring or 50% on the rest of the pasture. If cattle use on mountain mahogany exceeds 60% of current years production cattle will be removed from that pasture or from the allotment. The fence around Hamilton Baldy Spring will be maintained prior to moving to the upper pasture. Those animals considered to be calves as part of a cow/calf pair must be less than six months of age. Salt, mineral, and protein tub locations will be located at least ¼ mile from any water source and re-located every two weeks. Allotment Summary (AUMs) Authorized Livestock Grazing Use Active Suspended *Not Scheduled Total 200 66 0 266 Range Improvements: Developed springs that need work: 9 approx Internal fences: 3 miles approx. most probably need work Existing Boundary Fence: 6 miles approx. mostly on north side unknown condition Unfenced boundary: Forest / BLM - 6 miles BLM/Private – most of east side except where reminant private fencing exists-poor condition especially Hamilton Creek area. *Permittee would be required to maintain all infrastructure and inspected by BLM prior to grazing use. Control of livestock to keep off private and adjacent Forest is permittee responsibility. ***Prospective buyer should consult with BLM prior to purchase

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Property Status: SOLD
Acreage: 70
Price: $110,000  
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