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"We use various means of advertising our listings and Luxury Ranch Real Estate is one of the best sites we use. It is very easy to navigate and upload listings. The staff is very helpful, always accessible and easy to communicate with. Top site!"

— United Country Real Estate

Luxury Ranch Real Estate brings wealthy buyers together with leading real estate professionals selling extraordinary million dollar plus ranches. LRR showcases breathtaking, unique luxury ranch properties throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally. For listing agents looking to extend their reach on the web and in print, LRR offers a cost effective platform to reach luxury ranch real estate buyers. Listing with LRR makes it easy for agents and brokers to reach discerning buyers looking for exclusive real estate, using a range of powerful options unmatched by any other listing service.

Top Ten Reasons to List with us
  1. LRR is the only online marketplace for leading ranch brokers and agents focused exclusively on million dollar plus ranch properties.
  2. LRR is specialized to cater to high net worth land investors seeking million dollar plus ranch properties. Unlike many other listing services that also list development sites, condominiums, and other nonranch properties, LRR only lists million dollar plus ranches and land for sale.
  3. LRR receives top Google placement for "luxury ranches for sale" and related phrases, reaching national as well as global prospects.
  4. LRR offers the opportunity to maximize exposure of each luxury ranch to a broad range of qualified buyers, driving thousands of targeted wealthy buyers through the site each year.
  5. Unlimited listings for member brokers and agents.
  1. LRR is powered by RanchWeb, an active online network dedicated to sharing the ranch lifestyle. RanchWeb includes sites developed specifically to market ranches in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona, as well as fly fishing and working cattle ranches.
  2. LRR's search engine optimized, easy-to-use Quick Ranch Finder allows buyers to discretely locate properties by asking ranch name, price, location, or agent before providing any personal information.
  3. LRR maintains a network of industry and broker contacts, and has been recently featured in a variety of national publications including The New York Times and Sunday Telegraph, among others.
  4. Featured Ranches section on the LRR homepage, further maximizing exposure.
  5. Each property description lists the broker, agent, and the agent's phone number and e-mail with a hyperlink to the broker or agent's website, making it easy for buyers to contact agents about the property.

For listing agents and brokers, listing with LRR means getting the right people involved, people who will make sure that attention is paid to every listing. Matching buyers with sellers of outstanding luxury ranch real estate is LRR's business.

Laura Schwartz, Director of Membership, LRR